Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yesterday was busy. But in a good way. I have a lot of photos, but I won't post them all. Just some highlights.

First we went to the park and ran. I timed. I am STILL off my knee from last July!!! Jeff is amazingly fast. Five minutes miles. Adam runs six minute miles. The rest do the best they can. Kaleb will probably be a runner. The girls don't have as much push.

Kaleb had soccer. I didn't get to go this time because I was  helping the girls get ready for picture. Tyler and Jeff went and cheered for him.

Redoing twists

Straight hair

Guys are home and getting ready.

Waiting at Sear's portrait studio

Everyone got to choose food in the food court afterward.

Then Jessica, Jasmine and Kaleb went to the marching band evaluations with me. It started with the smaller schools and worked up to the large ones. All very nice. Unfortunately Jessica only got to see a couple of the smaller ones because they had an hour and a half break not long after we got there and she had to work.

A lot going on today. Jasmine is home sick. She was pretty sick last night at the band evaluations. Jessica, Jeff and Adam have tailgate party this morning. Jeff is taking my place in the nursery with Jessica. I hope Jasmine will be well enough to go to the festival tonight. She can't keep any food down. No fever. She had this at Disney too.

I'll either post the family portraits next or the stuff from today. Not sure which.


Hevel said...

Running is great! Relatively low cost--even if you buy more expensive running shoes--builds stamina, and gets you to places. Oh how I miss it.

Kathy C. said...

Wish I could run like the boys!!