Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One Grumpy Day!!!!

I don't think I've every posted two posts in the same day but had to do it today. Earlier I posted about Kayla's surgery, Adam's trip to Montgomery and Kaleb's school day. I though I'd take a bunch of pictures tonight to show you how the day was going--thinking I'd capture some cute picture. But EVERYONE was grumpy in the pictures. Even the cats!! Really. Take a look below!

Not happy at all

Wouldn't be cute for a picture. He's a bully too!

Not feeling so great.

Look at that face! I didn't know cats could look grumpy!

Too much math.

Not happy with my new kitty brother at all.

Even the jello is grumpy! (Kayla is on liquids)

When I pointed out how grumpy everyone looked, I got some better photos!!


One Crowded House said...

That's ok. We all have grumpy days- actually I was pretty emotional today too.

Kathy C. said...

It was just crazy today because I was trying to get some random photos to post and they were all grumpy! The kids saw the photos and kind of laughed at how they looked. Some of it was frustration I think. Kaleb has promised to have a day worth smiling about for me tomorrow. I think they said Kayla would actually feel worse tomorrow : (