Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marines, Orthodontist and more

A busy time here as the older kids make life decisions and also there's a lot coming up in our schedule.
Jayden is enjoying some quiet time while Galen is outside.

Kiara passed, but she sure doesn't listen well! She can follow  the commands if and when she wants to!

Kayla is still on liquids and very soft foods.

Tyler and Jessica went to a pumpkin extravaganza at Ty's church. There was lots of food and free pumpkins. Jessica drew the Mocking Jay from Hunger Games on this huge pumpkin. It's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. 

Adam got home from Montgomery last night. He signed the contract for the Marine Reserves and will got to boot camp next August. I thought he started weekends now, but he doesn't do that until later. He is supposed to go to physical training three times a week. That is going to be a challenge since he's in cross country and has tried out for the soccer team. Soccer results are tomorrow. He feels good about it because a lot of last year's soccer team graduated last May. He didn't make the team last year.

I just got back from taking Jasmine to the orthodontist for her intake appointment. They did full X-rays and impressions. She wasn't too excited about the impressions.We are waiting on approval and then she'll get started with her braces. It's a bit more complicated since she was a cleft baby and some teeth are out of place.

Tomorrow night is soccer for Jasmine. Saturday is soccer for Kaleb. It's also fall festival at Jasmine's school. 

Tyler is in Tallahassee at the Job Corps orientation. I really, really hope this works out for him. He's been at loose ends for five months now.

Jeff goes to run on the army ten-mile team in D.C. this weekend. He's coming home to visit next Wed or so. We plan to get a family portrait even though we had one for the church directory March 2011. With all the changes coming up for the older ones, who knows when they'll all be home together again.

Anyone else have a cleft child who got braces? A child who went to job corps or the reserves?


Felicia said...

Looks like it is a busy time at your house. Tasha is in the National Guard. They did start drilling on weekends after they signed their enlistment papers and before they went to basic. She should be home in a week or so from Kuwait.

I imagine that those braces will give Jasmine a beautiful smile.

Kathy C. said...

The decisions get tougher as the kids get older!