Saturday, March 24, 2012


Tyler has been home for spring break this past week. He'll be going back to college today. He really isn't doing well in his major (or in college at all!) and realizes he just doesn't have the skill he needs for that major. Nothing interests him. So now he has to figure out what to do. He had a plan in mind but it was shot down due to his ADHD and aspergers. We haven't given up on it, but it will be later down the road. So we need to figure out what to do in the meantime. He doesn't want to continue college, but if he quits, he loses his insurance and he'll have to start paying back his loans.

I know that parents of adult children have been facing these situations for the past hundred (or thousand) years, but it's new to me. And my three adult children are all so different. Jeff went into the army and is doing well there. Jessica knows exactly what she wants to do and is pushing hard toward it--trying to do too much most of the time. But Ty has no clue. (And he is not he most ambitious person) I'm not saying this to be mean or cut him down--he says the same thing. We will stand behind him no matter what he chooses to do.

Right now Jasmine and Kayla are getting ready to go run a one-mile fun run. I hope the rain holds off.

We talked to the lady who promised Jessica the puppy. She says the puppy died. But we know who she gave the other female puppy to, and she could have given Jessica that one. It wouldn't have made that much difference. Her dog is in heat again, and she says Jessica can have first choice. But I'm not sure how much I believe or trust her. We will decide if/when the time comes.


Sarah said...

How did the puppy die? I'm not saying I doubt the lady's version, but it seemed like that puppy was very, very well on her way, healthy, and past the "newborn" age where puppies just die. It seems to me like this lady had a lot of puppies die from this litter! I hate to not think the best of people and I'd like to think that everyone out there is trustworthy.

Has Tyler looked into getting a college degree over the internet? I got my first Masters that way, and I truly loved it! Most all universities offer them. Maybe a university closer to home?

Paying back financial aid is so easy; if it comes down to that, don't be discouraged. They offer SOO many payback options now. I don't have a permanent job, I'm just substituting and my payments are set up as income they vary each month depending on how much I've worked and what my paycheck is. Some months I've paid as little as $20, and other months I've paid my normal payment amount of $100. Best to luck with him! It looks like he has grown up tons since going off to college!

Kathy C. said...

I have some trouble believing that 3 of 4 puppies died too.

He isn't disciplined enough to do internet classes. A couple of his classes through the college were by internet, but he had to do things at certain times and he failed all those classes.

It's kind of hard because he is not overly ambitious : ( I wish he had some passion for something. But he's my son and I love him.

Good to know there are payback options. I graduated college Dec 83 and there was a set payment plan.