Friday, March 9, 2012

More Conference

Even though I was only at conference for a day and a half, it was nice to connect with everyone. Seriously, this is the group where I fit in. It's a nice feeling. Eva Marie Everson. She's had a tough year but has kept writing. Check out her books on amazon.

Jasmine brought her practice pad and spent some time in Maple Fellowship practicing as well as doing some math and a lot of DS time.

Jasmine sang in the morning session on Sunday.

Christine Tangvald, children's author Cecil Murphy

Edwina Perkins

Clella Camp and Christine Tangvald

Earlier there had been crocodiles by the little lake on the conference grounds, so we went to see. There were three.

You can see two on the edge of the lake. One went in when we got near.

Then Jessica scared the other two by running to catch up with us.

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