Monday, March 12, 2012

Cruise Day 2

On Day 2 we arrived in Nassau early morning. We all headed in to the straw market. We had snorkeling scheduled for later in the day.

Tyler, Jessica and I went to the pirate museum. The others didn't want to go so walked up to the fort instead.

This was in the market place on the way back to the ship.

We got back to the ship and went to meet our group for snorkeling only to find out it was canceled due to high winds. Since they waited until we were all in swimsuits and ready to go, it was too late to join another excursion.

So Tyler, Jessica and I headed back to town while Adam and Jasmine went to see what the kids' groups were doing onboard.

We took a carriage tour around the area.

Then we decided to explore on foot.

We went to the Queen's staircase and fort where the others went earlier.

I stopped and bought a hat and bracelet on the way back to the ship.

They announced that we would not be going to Cocoa Cay to the next day!!!! The snorkeling and the island were what we were all looking forward to so we were all pretty bummed. We went to dinner. It was calm because we were still in port.

We provided our own entertainment. Adam with his angry face vegetables.

Yes, my kids do have manners, but those pictures were much more boring.

Jasmine doesn't like many foods. So I finally asked them to bring her a plain bowl of noodles.

Jasmine practiced on her practice pad before we went to the evening session with Karen Kingsbury and Matthew West. We got in really late. I don't have any photos of the evening activities. Tyler didn't go to the Karen Kingsbury stuff but explored the boat and found things that interested him. He's always been one for going out "exploring." That's something we did when they were little. We went "exploring" a lot. That usually meant I wasn't sure where we were going, or I had an idea but wasn't sure if it was going to work out so I didn't want to tell them have them get their hopes up.

Anyway, the day didn't turn out how we'd planned but everyone found something to do. I think Adam was the most bored because he's very active and hanging around on the ship or shopping wasn't his idea of a good time. The last cruise I was on (a girl's get away with just Jessica) had something very similar happen. There was a storm and we were so delayed that we didn't go to Cozumel but went to Port Progresso and went shopping instead of to the beach at Cozumel. That's the thing about vacations--you can't control the weather.

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