Saturday, March 3, 2012

At Conference

The girls and I are at Florida Christian Writer's Conference.

Hanging out with people we only see once or twice a year. This is Anitra. She is here doing interviews for a Christian radio station. I was doing really great until I got half way through a two part answer and forgot what the question was! Did she bail me out? Uh, no. Hehe. Oh well.

Torry Martin. He created the character of Wootan on Adventures in Odyssey.

My angels.

Or maybe not so angelic!!

You can tell we take life very seriously here : )

Hanging with Janis.

Um, yes she walking through the parking lot while on her computer.
Amusing ourselves in the chow line.


Felicia said...

I like the last picture of you with Jasmine.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you.

Karen said...

Oh, I so missed being there this year. Just couldn't do it. Lovely pics among the azaleas!

Johnnie said...

Thanks for these photos. I so missed being there this year. Hope to see you in 2013!