Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cruise Day One

We all met in Miami. We had a ton of luggage but turned out I only had the outfit I was wearing, two outfits for dinner, three shirts and three bottoms. Oops.I just rewore stuff and I bought two souvenir shirts.

Finally onboard.

We had a late lunch.

Then we went down to see Karen Kingsbury and her crew. This is her mom, Anne.

This is Kelsey who is engaged to Kyle from Anthem Lights.

And Karen's son Tyler who is a freshman at Liberty University.

He's going into music. Jasmine sang My Chains are Gone for him. A couple of weeks ago Jasmine sang a song Tyler wrote to Rick's Sunday school class.

They shut down Karen's line because it was time for the lifeboat drill when we were just a few people from getting pictures with Karen. But then Karen was at the same lifeboat station as us. The boys were on the other side of the ship.

The sea was still calm here. But we had high winds later and none of us felt too well. Tyler was the least affected. The rest of us were really sea sick. Blah. Not the best way to start the cruise.

We missed the opening sessions in the evening but later--like around midnight--we started feeling better (except Jessica who slept through until morning). I went next door to the guys' cabin and they went up and got pizza for me. The girls group (including me) all skipped dinner.

The guys got a little goofy about 1 a.m. We thought about going up for the activities (Matthew West and Mandissa) but decided to try and get some sleep.


One Crowded House said...

wow- looks like a great time!

Karen said...

Sorry ya'll felt bad. Hope all is well now. What fun! And meeting all those cool folks.