Friday, March 16, 2012

Disney Highlights

We have Florida annual passes to Disney this year (haven't had them since 2006) so we stop when we can. The girl's "team" stopped on the way back from the cruise. It turned out to be very crowded. There was a national cheerleading competition and also spring break had started. If we'd bought passes just for this weekend, I would have been really upset. But since we had the passes, we just made the best of it. We tried to do some of the rides we haven't done since 2006(passes actually were Feb 2006--Jasmine's bd--to Feb 2007) and also went to Animal Kingdom which we hadn't done since then either.

Jessica's funnel cake.

My all purpose hat I bought in Nassau.

I traded Jasmine for these ears just for the pictures.

Jessica in Eeyore's (?) house.

Outside the Winnie the Pooh ride doing the preschool activities : ) The fireworks were going on so the kiddie rides were mostly empty.

Jessica after Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. That ride is wild. You go straight downhill forward, then you go up it backward. Um. Yeah.

Animal kingdom

Hollywood Studios

We splurged and ate at The Land in Epcot. The Mongolian Beef was really good but none of us were that thrilled with their version of sweet and sour chicken. We normally pack PB&J since Disney is one of the few places that lets you take in food.

Several rainy spells, but we were ready.

She wishes. They have cars for sale outside the Test Track ride.

Back to Animal Kingdom. We decided these shirts and hats were our Animal Kingdom look but we wore blue capris this day instead of brown so we could tell the pictures apart. Remember that I only took three shirts on the cruise? Well, I'd only packed two for Disney and we were there from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. Can't accuse me of over packing! I did have my souvenir Key West shirt too. That's the pink shirt in the first pictures.

We'd been having car issues all the way to Miami that I recognized as a bad coil. I hoped to make it home but it got really bad on the way home so we stopped in Gainesville Monday night and took it to Pep Boys across from the hotel the next morning. They told me it wasn't a coil, it was the spark plugs and also that the fuel line needed flushed. Okay. Whatever. They are the pros. About an hour later they called to say it needed a coil too. I wasn't going crazy. So it got a tune up, plugs, flush and coil for $590!!

We had a smooth trip the rest of the way home. Jessica had to turn right around and head out to work. More on the rest of spring break later.

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Karen said...

Hope your car is fixed. Look like tons of fun at Disney, and the ears look great on you!