Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cruise Day 3

On Wednesday, the day we were supposed to be at Cocoa Cay, we stayed in Nassau until noon and then left for Key West. We made a quick trip back into town to find a necklace Jasmine decided she wanted to buy. I bought a camera (not a working one) made from Coke cans by the boy's club. This is at the straw market.

There was a Baxter family (from Karen's books) reunion onboard. I am Elizabeth Baxter and Jessica is the family pet.

There were high winds once we got underway so we skipped lunch. It calmed down by dinner time thank goodness.

We went to Karen's session and the Anthem Lights concert. Then we went to the pizza place afterwards.

What do you think of his look?


One Crowded House said...

Yes- the hat is very versatile!

Karen said...

His look is great, as long as his purse or shoes match. :P