Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cruise Day 4

On Thursday we were in Key West. We decided to start with the tour bus where you can get off and on at 8 different stops. Jasmine ready to go. We bought tickets onboard where they charged us $9 for Jasmine and $21 for adults, but if we'd bought them directly from the tour bus we would have been $19 for adults, and Jasmine would have been free!

We got off at just a couple of stops because we had snorkeling scheduled (for the third time!) at 12:45.

This is the true most southern point now.

But this is what used to be the most southern point and it's the most photographed sight.


We rushed back to the ship and got changed for our snorkel trip only to find out that the water was too choppy yet again! So during this whole cruise we hadn't made it in the water yet.

So the girls and I hopped back on the bus and got off at the beach stop since we were already in swimsuits.


We only stayed a short time since we had to get back to the ship by 5:30. The water was really cold too.

the fort at the state park

We wanted to climb the lighthouse (66 steps) but we were out of time.

We made a quick ice cream stop.

We got back to the ship only to get stopped in security because we couldn't take the ice cream onboard (bacteria!) so we had to stand outside and eat it. We were late back onboard, but they couldn't say much since they are the ones who wouldn't let us board.

We had to rush to get ready for dinner.

My guy. Doesn't he look sweet and innocent?

I was really full and so were Tyler and Jasmine so we left but I had Jessica get my dessert to go for later. It said it was warm chocolate cake with chocolate syrup and pear. Love pear. I pictured a piece of cake with a pear half beside it.
Found the pear!
(I only had three shirts for conference and the cruise plus two dress outfits so I bought a souvenir shirt!)

There was an evening session with Karen we missed because we were packing up. Suitcases had to be packed and in the hall by midnight. The girls went up to the Britt Nicole concert but skipped Tim Halprin to finish packing in order to go to the 11:15 showing (it turned out to be 11:50 really) of Tangled. It was a PJ party. It ended after 1 a.m.

The next morning we disembarked at 8:45, went through immigrations, took the van to the parking garage and were on our way. The guys headed home because Tyler had to get back to college and Rick and Adam worked. The girls and I stopped at Disney on the way home. More about that later.

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Kimmie said...

Looks like so much fun! J and I went to Key West before we picked up S. in Haiti. It was so lovely there.