Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amazing Women

Every year a group of amazing women meet in Orlando. These women all have one thing in common--difficult children to parent. Some of them have real horror stories. I was able to stop by and meet two of them who I'm bloggy/FB friends with.

I did almost all of the talking, and then later I thought of about a million questions for them. They are real survivors, and I'd love to know more of their stories. The things they can't blog about because "normal" people with "normal" children just wouldn't get it. But these women have connected with other parents who do get it. And that makes a big difference. Rick and I felt so isolated when we were dealing with some of these issues because not that much was known about attachment disorder. Even counselors fell for the phony charm and the manipulation. How awesome to meet these women who do get it. We need about two weeks just to talk. So even though we were only together a short while, it was amazing.

Being with other authors who get what I do and then other moms who understand what I went through was amazing (I know I already used that word--I'm not in editor mode).

You guys ROCK!

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Kimmie said...

It was great to meet you and the girls in person! And thanks for the book!