Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There's not a lot going on this week so I thought since I posted about Tyler and Jeff I'd post about Jessica.

Jessica will graduate May 4 with her associates from our community college. She just found out she missed the deadline to register to be in the graduation ceremony, but I've told her I will take everyone out to eat at her choice of restaurant. I'm thinking she will pick TGIF. We'll see. Her associates is in criminology. Our community college recently became a four year college, but they don't have the program she wants. Her major will be criminology but I think they call it public safety now (which doesn't sound near as impressive). But her specialty will be underwater crime scene investigation. That is, it will be if her ear cooperates with the pressure changes it will have in scuba. We will know next fall.

Jessica is taking digital photography this semester. She has to shoot on manual mode. Her assignment this week is self portraits. She can't just be sitting and looking at the camera. There were several requirements that have to be met. I'm posting three of the ones she took.

These pictures of Jasmine are from a project where Jessica had to shoot the same person from many different angles.

Jessica isn't enjoying this class as much as she thought she would. For one thing, it's a three credit class but it meets for six hours a week instead of three. She has FIVE other classes and is going a bit crazy trying to keep up and also work part time. But she will be done the first week in May and can take less credits in the fall. She just wanted to finish her associates this spring and she had to repeat Pre calculus (a D is failing) and that meant adding a class she hadn't planned on taking.

She is very capable, but organization isn't a strong point for her. Those of you who know her know I'm not exaggerating when I say that : ) But we love her anyway.

It's a slow week here. Ten weeks of school left. Things will start getting crazy in a couple of weeks when we have Easter, dance photos, recital, band concert, and all the other end of school year stuff.

Adam just got home from his track meet where he ran his mile in 5:14. I would be just about 1/3 of the way about that time!

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Her self portraits are creative!!!