Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Need for Control

Who is who? Well, if you know the twins, it's not hard to tell. The head shape and body builds are very different. In fact, Kaleb is the more slender, delicate one. And he's hard to get focused in pictures. He tries to be "cute." I normally only post the best picture, but I decided to post all four to show you typical pictures.
So, you might notice that Kayla has very little hair. This is actually the second time we've gotten it cut short, but the first time it's as short as Kaleb's. We got it cut for the same reasons as last time. When I put it in braids or twists, she "scrubs" her head on the ground and ruins them. She cuts them out if she feels like it. If I leave it as free hair, she has a fit every time I comb it. I give her the chance to comb it first, but she almost always says she sprayed (water with conditioner mixed in) and combed it, and almost every time the hair is absolutely dry and hard and definitely not combed.

So her hair was about three inches long in the front with two cut out section that were about 1/2" long, and the back was much shorter because many times I give up before I get the back braided and leave it free. After a major melt down crying fit over her hair on Tuesday I told her it was time to get it trimmed even again. Rick, tired of the morning fits, took her that same day. The lady cut it to about 1/2" so it was mostly even. She combed it out nice for Kayla to see. Kayla, needing to be in control of the situation said no, she wanted it cut off. In fact she demanded it. Rick called me to see what to do. I had him ask her again if she was sure and then let her be in control of the decision, because she's the one who has to live with it. So, viola, look alike hair for the twins! In fact, last night Kayla went to tumbling and Kaleb didn't and the other parents asked me "How did you get him to wear a pink sweatsuit?" They didn't realize it was Kayla until she took the sweats off and had on a girl's leotard.

This is a pretty typical picture for Kaleb.

And this is the one where I finally say, stop leaning on Kayla, stand on both feet and look at the camera!


God's Grace said...

my little guys are always acting like that with pictures! Even my grandson. I gave up a long time ago!

One Crowded House said...

Well she is beautiful with the short hair- and if she likes it, it is actually a "win" for all of you!