Monday, December 12, 2011

First Program

Last night was the children's program at church.

One of the teens did the make up : ) Jasmine does a little better in reds than pinks but she is the only non white girl in the whole choir.

Afterwards we got pizza and breadsticks, and Jessica made butter beer. This recipe had too strong of a butterscotch taste so she is going to try another recipe before her party Thursday evening.

You can just see the calories!

So, the first program is over. Tonight is Jasmine's first band concert. Thursday Jessica has the Explorer's party for one of the underprivileged schools in town, that evening is the Explorer's Christmas party. Kayla's class party is Friday, and Tyler has a church party Friday night. Next Sunday is the church program and Jessica plays in the orchestra. Monday is Jasmine's band party and Tuesday Kaleb and Jasmine have their class parties.

Jeff will be flying in the 24th so we will have all the kids home for a few days.

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