Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fun Night

Last night was Jasmine's first band concert! She's back by the brown door standing next to the bass drum. She played snare though, not bass. Mr. Q, the band director, has had her play bass a few times in band though.
This is 5th grade band. They have band twice a week for 45 minutes. Next year it will be a regular class period for her.

My little drummer girl.

Afterward Tyler, Jessica, Jasmine and I went to TGIF to celebrate her first concert. Jasmine had never been there before. We normally go to Chilis for special times. And I had coupons for TGIF : )


Jessica & me

We had planned on getting two appetizer plates to share, but we ended up with three because I wanted skewers. Our server told us it was only $1 more for the entree so we got that, and the only difference was there was a little rice and cooked squash with it. (And I got to use the buy any entree and get a free appetizer up to $8 coupon)The above appetizer plate had wings, fried green beans and potato skins.

The other appetizer plate had ribs and a different kind of wings. Ty didn't really eat all those ribs, he's posing for me : )

Tyler helping Jasmine with the rice. It looks like we have more dipping sauce than food on the other plate!

We had plenty left over for Rick at the end since he took the others home. In fact, he left with the others about ten minutes into the concert due to one child's behaviors. The two not causing problems made sugar cookies from refrigerator dough and popcorn while the other went to bed.

I think Jessica had too much of the Jack Daniel's wing dip.

Look how much we had left!

Both of Jasmine's concerts are behind us now. We have several school and other parties along with Jessica's program still ahead. How about the rest of you? Those who don't home school are probably finding themselves buying classroom party food, teacher gifts, gift exchange gifts etc. I've spent $80 so far on the stuff for the three youngest for their class and band parties plus inexpensive teacher gifts.


One Crowded House said...

just sent in the last of the stuff for the school Christmas parties today... it all adds up!

Hevel Cohen said...

We only have one day of parties, all the kids have their school parties on Dec 19 for Chanukah. The older kids have a catered event, the younger ones will cook some of the food in life skills, the others we provide. I just ordered cute sandwiches from one of the delis, as we can't really make anything with both of us working on the Sunday and Monday.