Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Hanging Out

We are doing a lot of just hanging around reading, watching DVDs, playing with the dogs and cleaning. Jessica and Adam have some work hours this week. Jessica works both Christmas eve and Christmas day as usual.

Caspian is very helpful when it comes to Facebook.

Tyler is home for a month. He and Jasmine are catching up on Wii time.

We're going through the puzzles and any missing pieces are getting tossed.

Scrappy has really gone downhill quickly. We thought we were going to lose him a couple of times. He has heart worm that he's being treated for but we found out he also has arthritis and a bad back. He has a tracheal cough and wheezing too. We got him summer '01 and he was 2-3 years old at that time. Caspian has become very attached to Scrappy so I hope he pulls through. Scrappy tolerates Caspian very well too. Sometimes Caspian will join Scrappy in his kennel rather than go into his own. Tacos for lunch

We had volcano tacos too. The brave ones tried them.

Some people ate two volcano tacos. Hehe.

Pets who don't appreciate baths should not dig in the mud!

Everyone is helping clean. When we moved every three years, things got sorted out and cleaned. We are going through and decluttering, washing down every shelf and cupboard in the kitchen. We do this at least once a year. Three bags full of clutter have gone to give away and three bags of trash to the curb. There is lots more clutter out in the sheds! And closets too I'm sure.

Utility room

Jeff flies in tomorrow. Jessica works 12-8 tomorrow and then Christmas evening. We'll open stockings after the Christmas eve service along with presents the kids bought. We'll open the rest Christmas morning and hopefully spend the rest of the day trying out toys, watching movies and playing games.

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