Sunday, November 27, 2011

More from Thanksgiving

The kids' project for Thanksgiving afternoon.

Pet shop game


Watching Polar Express and having hot chocolate

Hanging out together

I didn't win!

The dogs get the turkey gizzard!

Caspian's first Thanksgiving

Jessica has several papers to write

New rule: If you go the wrong way on purpose (pretending you don't understand which way to go) you have to start over. Counting ability increased greatly after that rule went into effect.


Building the gingerbread village

The girls worked together and the guys worked together.

All done!

Tyler tried to teach Kaleb how to build with Legos. Ty was amazingly patient.

The holiday went pretty well. Tyler got home Wednesday evening and is on his way back to college right now. The younger ones had all week off. Jessica skipped Monday and Tuesday for our trip to Disney.

The twins have come up with some new and unacceptable behaviors but when they occur, the offender is removed from the fun as to not take away from the fun for the others. Unfortunately missing out wasn't enough of a deterrent for one and she is at this moment in her room writing, "I will speak politely at all times."

They both came up with a new and very rude phrase they say to others when I'm not around. They know that if they wouldn't say it when I'm in the room, then it's wrong. Also the week before vacation I received about six notifications by phone or parent alert from the school about bullying, injuring others and having to be removed from class due to kicking over a desk and throwing books when asked to pull a tag for behavior. This has become a daily habit. The bullying and injuring others has resulted in no basketball this year. I've explained that if they cannot treat others appropriately in the classroom, how can they be trusted to do so under a competitive situation?

I am remaining consistent in the rules, privileges and loss of privileges. We are going back to a behavior chart Monday due to increased inappropriate behavior at home, on the bus and at school.

Jasmine is doing pretty well. She is coping with the stress of 5th grade better. She has more homework than Adam, who is a junior. She has both a church concert and a school band concert coming up.

Adam finished cross country and is in wrestling just for something to do until track starts since he did not make the soccer team. This is a picture of him with his date for the homecoming dance a few weeks ago. He just got the picture from a friend on facebook.

Tyler and Jessica both have finals coming up and Jessica has several papers to write. I think they'll both be ready for the semester to be over.

And that's it from our end.

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