Friday, December 16, 2011

This Week

Crazy week.

  • Children's choir program-done (see older post)

  • Band program-done (see older post)

  • Church women's dinner-done (no photos)

  • Explorer's party for underprivileged kids-done --Jessica was even on TV playing at the bounce place with them

  • Explorer's party and gift exchange-done --the bottom photo is of Jessica before she left for the party

  • One meds appointment-done

  • popcorn duty at the school-done-Jessica and I were the only ones who showed up. Good thing she knows how to run a popper! She popped and I bagged 100 bags of popcorn

  • Other meds appointment-today

  • Ty's church party-tonight

  • Church program with Jessica in the orchestra-Sunday

  • Three separate dental appointments-M, W, Th

  • Three class parties-M, Tu

  • Band party-M

  • Jeff here-24th

  • Christmas eve service-24th

With Jessica being involved in the police explorer's program I get calls time to time, "I need picked up at the police station." If it was anyone else I might worry, but not when it's Jessica. She was even picked up at the college by an officer in the car for the underprivileged kids party. But not too many people run up to police car smiling and waving before hoping in the back : )


One Crowded House said...

that's cool that your police department has that program available!

Karen said...

Whew, that's a boat-load of activities. I love that your kids are involved in the community, too. Your Nativity sets are wonderful-love'em!