Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pop vs. Soda

I did a post on this a year or two ago, but I have new readers since then, so I'll bring it up again. Pop or soda or cokes? When I grew up in northern IN it was pop.

I moved to Jacksonville, FL to teach, and the cafeteria ladies called everything coke. "We have many kinds of cokes."Our conversion would go like this, "What do you want to drink with your lunch?" "Coke" "Which kind of coke?" "Coke coke. The kind in the red can!"

I started calling it soda. I've called it soda for 25+ years now. It sounds weird to hear it called pop now. Pop is a person not a drink.

And obviously, people have given this a lot of thought. Just look at the maps below.

Here's a pretty general overview.

But look at this one. It's broken down by counties! Find your country and see if you agree.

So what do you call that carbonated beverage in a can?


Felicia said...

Soda...born in Texas but spent 10 years in California during my childhood years. Married a northerner who says pop after each of my sodas so I guess in our home it is a soda pop.

Julianne said...

I love how every inch of my state (Michigan) is blue for pop! Last year a TV show came out - Detroit 187, that was centered around Detroit. In the opening episode one of the characters made a reference to getting a "soda". There was literally an online and newspaper uproar about the use of "soda" over pop - I think it was the final episode of the show where a joke was made - a dad asked his son what kind of soda he wanted and the son replied something along the lines of "nobody calls it soda here!"

Natalie said...

That is quite awesome lol. I live in a medium blue colored area, and call it pop. I have quite a bit of family in the South, and they call it all Coke. So it seems pretty darn accurate to me lol

Hevel said...

Szénsavas üditőital, מרענן or brand name.

Kathy C. said...

I put a link to this on facebook and got 11 comments there. It seems to be split between soda and pop with pop having just a couple more than soda. Nothing unusual overall except Hevel's.

Sarah said...

I call it pop, but I live in Washington. I'm curious about the map that shows a rather large section of people listed in the "other" category. If you don't call it soda, pop, or coke...what is left to call it??

Kathy C. said...

Perhaps some regional thing. Or it's all German or Italian residents and they refer to it in another language : ) Fanta? (That's what we called all of it in Mexico when I went there in my teens)