Monday, December 26, 2011


We all went to the Christmas Eve service. There were issues with one child, but I'm not going to go into it because overall it went amazingly well.

When we got home, Jessica read the Christmas story. Then everyone opened stocking presents and kid-bought gifts.

Jeff bought Jessica a Kindle Fire!

It's Caspian's first Christmas.

On Christmas morning we opened the other gifts. Tyler



Jeff (a couple of his gifts weren't here yet)

Kaleb He's still young enough that he judges his gifts by size. So he was very happy!

Kayla also still judges gifts by size so she's happy with hers.

Jessica. She's holding an underwater camera I got her.

Ty playing his new Skylander game.

Jasmine trying out a new scooter. She's getting quite a collection!

Jessica is trying to run Jasmine over with my remote control tank that shoots air pellets.

Kayla on her pogo stick.

Everyone got to make their own pizza for lunch. This is Jessica's with ham, pineapple and hard salami (?).

Birthday cake for Jesus. We usually do this and sparkles (for Jesus is the light of the world) on Christmas eve but that didn't work out this year so we did the cakes Christmas afternoon.

Girls' cake done

Boys' cake done

We save the presents from my mom to open later in the day after everyone had a chance to try out all their other presents. She buys a combined gift which is usually games everyone can play together. This year it was two Wii games, an extra remote and accessories.

So that was our Christmas.

Today all is calm, and everyone is hanging out together. Two work later. Jeff flies back to TX on Thursday and Ty heads back to college sometime before the 9th. The rest go back to school on the 4th.


Sarah said...

A remote controlled tank that shoots air pellets?? I have to say that is awesome- I had NO idea such a thing exsisted!!

That is such a GREAT picture of you and your husband!

Felicia said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. How are things with Jeff now that he is just a visitor?

Kathy C. said...

short visits always go well