Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writer's Conference

Last week Jessica and I were at writer's conference. I'm only going to post a few pictures since looking at people sitting around writing isn't that much fun. All the pictures are on face book.

Conference wouldn't be the same without Torry.
Or Jesse.
Mark led the fiction track.
We made taco soup for the faculty and staff.
Me leading an after hours session on writing devotions.

Hanging out

Me explaining some of the joys of blogging to my class.

Jessica finds conference very amusing.

This is our tough look.

Now we are back home with lots of work to do. I have a few articles to write and some point of view changes to make on our Kidnapped in Haiti book. But today I'm off to the dentist for a crown. Yay rah. (NOT)

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Karen said...

Kathy, you have some good pictures there. So good to see you there. Blessings and hope your dentist visit goes well.