Monday, March 21, 2011


I've mentioned before that both Tyler and Jessica are in the Police Department Explorers program. It's for kids 9th grade until they turn 21 who are interested in police work--but you don't really have to be. Tyler joined just because it was interesting. It not only provides classroom and practical training on things like arrest procedure, domesticate violence, bomb searches and stuff like that but it also provides a lot of community involvement. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas the Explorers patrol the mall and walk people to their cars if desired, the color guard marches in parades, they help with safety days and two weekends ago they were the parking and gate attendants at the Scottish Festival. I paid the $10 to get Jasmine and I in just to get pictures of my crew.

This is their friend Anthony who is now in a relationship with Jessica. They've been friends since she joined a little over a year ago and they became closer friends after surviving the Explorer's boot camp together. Anthony is the color guard captain for next year. He's also vice president of Explorers for next year.

This is Tyler. He will age out of the program this year. He shaved before our not-so-great church directory picture Friday.

They were playing some sort of game where you throw a hay bale over the cross bar. I've only been to Scotland once it was for two days in 1988.

The guy in the kilt is the Sgt in charge of Explorers.

Jessica was in charge of the handicapped parking. She is a criminology major in her freshman year at college.


Renee said...

Great post! You paying money to see your kids makes me smile.

Felicia said...

You seem to have a lot of community activities there, wish we had that much! I would like to have some of that cotton candy.

Will Jasmine have her surgery soon? I hope she is able to do her mission trip.

Karen said...

It's good to see your kids so involved in many things. That speaks so well of you! :)

Kathy C. said...

I wouldn't know about some of the community stuff (like the Scottish festiva)if it wasn't for the Explorers program. And I probably wouldn't have gone to the Mardi Gras parade except that Jessica is color guard. We really don't need 300 more beads now that I don't go down to the O. to give them all away!