Friday, March 25, 2011


Blah. That describes our week. Jasmine's cough continues, but she has no fever. I'm hoping it will clear up. I've given her an assortment of cough and allergy meds. Nothing seems to help. Tea either.

Dealing with adult-child-at-home issues has not been fun. I have one that is working full time, making way more money than I do--since I work as a freelance writer and there haven't been many sales lately, that's not saying much. But he spends it ALL on himself. He's been borrowing another child's bike and blew the tire. When he was told he needed to go by a tube and tire, he was indignant. Why was he the bad guy? Duh. If you borrow something and it breaks, gets damaged etc, you are responsible. He had a major attitude over $25 even though he'd just gotten a $300 paycheck!! No offer to help with any of his living expenses, still wants us to buy him new work pants. Get real. To me, if you're at home working full time and not in college, you need to be helping out. We haven't even asked that of said child.

My other adult children are in college, barely working--not because they are lazy but because hours were seriously cut--and are totally broke. Opposite situations among the children. And I think it really goes back to attachment issues but that's a whole 'nother post.

So, that's the kind of week I've had. Nothing to take pictures of. We are mostly in count down mode--until Jasmine's surgery, until the last day of school, until the recital, until our trip to IN etc. Still, trying to live each day as it comes rather than just looking ahead so we don't miss the moments.

Anyone doing anything exciting?

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One Crowded House said...

i went to the dentist yesterday and had to cavities filled... the exciting part was they gave me laughing gas so I was drowsy through all of it and not feeling everything quite so badly....

not too exciting here either!