Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've put some countdowns on the side of my blog to keep track of things. If I ever lose my calender, I'm lost!

Twins--are doing pretty well. There's a lot they still need to learn before 1st grade next year. They are supposed to be doing three letter blends now! (thr, str etc) They test the boundaries at times and we still watch for bonding issues. People think we are overboard but I know from past experience that we are not.

Jasmine--has surgery Thursday April 7. Pray for very good health between now and then or they'll cancel it. It's right before state testing but that can't be helped. Her dr is actually retired now but is still doing the surgeries for the little ones he started with as babies. She is struggling with the last quarter push and with math. She needs to raise $1,100 more for her summer mission trip.

Adam--has started tumbling and gymnastics at the gymnastics place. He's a natural at tumbling but didn't want to pursue it when he was young because he didn't want to work that hard : ) Now he wishes he had. It's too late for team or anything, but fun to do. He is job hunting and I've told him after he has the job he can do his drug course and take the driver's permit test.

Jeff--was unable to get his permit because we don't have proof of his citizenship. I filed a N 600 but haven't heard back. He goes to basic training May 9. He is work almost full time at BK.

Jessica--is in the final push of her freshman year of college. She isn't working nearly as many hours as she'd like because she needs off some weekends for Explorers activities. She's very much in to Explorers. She is currently secretary and treasurer and I believe she was voted the same for next year. She needs about $800 more for her mission trip. Her starting amount was less because she's a leader.

Tyler--will age out of Explorers in July when he turns 21. He has applied to UWF but has to get his transcripts sent. He's very hesitant but need to do this. He is ADHD and aspergers so life can be a challenge.


One Crowded House said...

lots of exciting stuff happening around your house!

Karen said...

Wow, Kathy, I'd need calendars everywhere-you have so much going on. Will be in prayer for the surgery and trips.

Kathy C. said...

I will be glad when some of it is behind us!

Renee said...

Always growing and changing! Praying for Jasmine and other needs!