Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Stuff

Finally, post not about Tangled. I really, really like that movie. You can read more about it on my blog for girl's HERE and leave a comment too!! Jessica decided to take the three little ones to the air show this weekend. Jasmine decided not to go because loud noises physically hurt her ears. She would have been okay though because Jessica had to work at noon so she left before the actual demonstrations started. Kayla, not knowing there was an air show in the plans, woke up and started telling one of the other children, "I peed myself" over and over. I don't know what she hoped to accomplish because her PJs were dry and didn't smell. But I told her that since she knows lying is wrong she must be telling the truth so she wouldn't be able to go to the air show because she needed to shower and take her "wet" bedding to the washer. So it was only Jessica and Kaleb who went. Kaleb started asking Jessica to buy him drinks even after she told him she didn't have any money. She finally told him if he asked again they'd leave, so he decided he could be content looking at the planes. Later in the day there were bombing and flying demonstrations and the actual air show. I realized right at the end that we had a great view from our back steps. Now we'll know that for next year. My dogs watched the whole thing (or cowered under the steps during it). It was a really lazy day at home. The little ones get their third quarter report cards today. The twins especially have learned so much. They went from not knowing their letters and numbers to learning all the letters and sounds, blending words and counting to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s.

Max has found a new nap spot--the trampoline (when not in use of course).


Karen said...

We have air shows here at McDill and yes, they are loud!

Renee said...

We love the air show! Caleb looks so handsome in his new glasses!

Renee said...

OOPS! I meant Kaleb.