Friday, September 20, 2013

Too Much Drama for Me

This week has had too much drama for me.

Here's the latest.

Most of you know Jasmine struggles with school, especially math and science. And remember that she ended up in mainstream science, so she has to do a science project. We looked for one that interested her and decided on figuring out the relationship between closed end air columns and musical pitch. Like, a shorter flute has a higher pitch than a longer flute. But we are doing soda bottles.

She will blow across an open bottle and record the pitch. (We need to get a chromatic tuner.) Then add 2 cm of water, blow again, record the pitch and so on. Then she'll figure out how much water has to go in each bottle to play a scale.

She had to fill out a form with things like constants and variables, control etc. She didn't understand it and got a 50% Thankfully the teacher wrote in the answers for her. So I typed it for her. We added a step by step plan for doing the project. I printed a copy for her to take back to her teacher to see if it was correct.

And I posted it on my facebook page so everyone could see it and be proud of Jasmine.

Then it all started.

First I got an e-mail from the science teacher saying that I had to take it down immediately or Jasmine would get no credit because it wasn't a group project. Remember, the paper was complete. I wasn't asking someone 900 miles away to do the project for her!!! (And really parents, can you say you've never helped your child with a science fair project or history fair project, poem or otherwise?) Jasmine didn't even know I'd posted her paper online. And suddenly she's in trouble for soliciting help!

Then the next day her resource teacher says, "If it were me, you'd be doing a new project." Really? Because I posted her paper for my family and friends to see? Crazy! And I wrote an e-mail to her teachers saying that. They are supposed to be on her side supporting her, not making a big deal out of nothing. I told them I was disappointed in her team of teacher for not supporting her progress. If I'd asked my brother to get a soda bottle and figure the equations for us, then it would be a problem. But I didn't. We're not going to worry about all the equations for this, only what she is able to understand.

Thing is, someone on my friend list had to tell the science teacher it was there. But even that shouldn't have been a problem. That same paper will be posted with her finished project at the science fair. If anything I would think they'd be proud of her for redoing the paper.

 She'll be doing the whole project by herself, but I'm sure everyone else will want to try blowing notes on the bottles. She'll be the one looking at how much of the bottle is NOT filled with water and how that affects pitch.

I am trying to not let this dampen our enthusiasm for the project. But it's stinky.

From now on when I post about school, I'll be blocking anyone associated with her school.

Good thing she has the perfect stress reliever: puppy kisses!


:)De said...

Seriously.... I don't even understand her teachers concerns. I thought you said it was graded already? I post scans of my kids test all the time, especially if they passed a test that was challenging to them. (Yes, I know I'm my kids teacher) but I don't see the difference.

One Crowded House said...

I despise unnecessary drama like that... I'm sorry :(

Renee said...

Oh MY! That doesn't even make sense :( I am so sorry! I am super proud of her and I know how exciting it is when a child who struggles to learn makes progress.

Emily said...

RIDICULOUS! This makes me so mad for you and frustrated for her.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. It was crazy. The amount of work and paperwork for the science fair is crazy

Anonymous said...

I'm a high school teacher.... I think the science teacher's reaction was crazy. I would complain to the principal-- there is no reason for this teacher to be poking around on your Facebook. Period.