Sunday, September 29, 2013


Friday we left for Americus, GA late afternoon. There aren't any of the chain type hotels in Plains. We usually stay at one of the Choice hotels (Rodeway, Choice, Econo etc) to build up points toward free rooms. It was pretty uneventful. We stopped at Checkers on the way. We don't have one here.

We had a few issues with one child in the hotel room at night, but other than that, it went smoothly. We got up early and drove the last few miles to Plains. We arrived early enough to look around and take some photos before the race.

The one-mile race was first, then the 5K.
Kaleb came in at 29:50

I did not realize Kayla was right behind Kaleb. I expected her about 34:00 so I went to the table to fill out Kaleb's card. I happened to glance back and there she was! She came in at 30:33!! 

And then Jessica came in right after that! 31:23. So three came in almost together.

Jazzy took a little longer. She doesn't enjoy running as much but doesn't want to be left out either. She got hit in the knee with a band chair three weeks ago and has been off of the leg since. So she did pretty well considering. She was in at 39:32.

Jasmine didn't place. She in the age group where she's running against the middle school cross country kids at these races. 

Kayla was the only girl in the 10 and under group. I saw a lot of girls come in in the lower 20's, but they all turned out to be 11 &12. Kayla did a good job, and I think she would have held her own against runners her own age.

Former President Carter turns 89 on Tuesday. I'm glad he's still in good health and able to do this.

Second place in age group

It was a good day and I'd love to say the whole thing went smoothly, but since this a blog about being real, I can't say that. In fact, in addition to stealing of treats and lying, we had two incidents of darting away from me and running into the street coming very close to being hit first by a car and then a few minutes later by a semi truck. Then he darted back across to me right in front of another car! The only thing that saved him is that they'd all slowed down due to all the activity going on. He ran off full speed into crowds twice.

Sometimes when things like this happen, the parent gets ugly looks. Thank goodness that wasn't true today. Everyone saw him pull away and disobey several times, so the glares, shaking of heads and clicking of the tongue were for him. Sigh of relief. (You adoptive parents, especially with children of other races, know exactly what I mean, right?)

But this resulted in me searching the car for a wrist strap. I haven't used one in probably three years. But there was one. However, he pulled away again. It is only velcro.  We also had dramatic pouting and crying when brought back. It was serious enough that I am rethinking taking everyone to Disney. (I already have the tickets but they aren't initialized so can be used by anyone at any time during the year). I do not want Adam's special weekend marred by one child stealing, running off, endangering himself and me having to spend time correcting him. It did not end when we got home, and he was unable to pull himself together so had to go to bed early.

We made the best of the trip after the incidents, and the girls all say it was a great day and want to go again next year. The weather was great. Everyone had a good run. There was a parade. And they have a building that has tables set up to give away things. You go table to table with a bag and get peanut products--cereal bars, M&M's, several sizes and kinds of snicker bars and even two kinds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches--grilled and regular. Also got peanut shaped photo frames and a hot pad. And it's kind of cool to hang out with a former president (even if it's not the one I voted for) who is a very gracious southern gentleman. He's very soft spoken and doesn't act like he's better than anyone else. I love that he's not full of himself and is just a regular hometown guy.


Renee said...

What an awesome opportunity. I am sorry about the running off a disobedience. It is so very hard some days.

Awesome times on the run!

Kathy C. said...

Thanks Renee. It sounds like you have quite the runners too!