Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

I have Labor Day pictures to post, but first, it has been way too quiet on here. I was surprised not to get but one or two opinions on the What to Tell Your Girl post and the Waiting for a Verdict post. I know some of you adoptive moms have to be feeling something about the Hana Williams case. I didn't get any comments about what Disney movies you've watched at all. Hmmm. Are you all falling asleep during my posts or are some of you having trouble leaving comments? I hate the word verification, but the few times I've tried taking it off I've had 12 spam comments the first day.

Anyway, on to Labor Day.

I woke up at 5 a.m. Labor Day to a loud rain storm. But then around 8 a.m. it looked clear. I was hopeful. Then dark clouds started moving in and we got heavy rain. Hunter was suppose to meet us at the bay as well as a neighbor family. They both had food for today, and we'd bought meat to grill. We decided if it didn't clear, we'd cook it inside on the panini press and play some Wii.

Around 11:00 we had blue skies, but rain. It slowed down and we decided to chance it. I'd already paid the $20 for the pavilion, so I hoped we could at least grill there. It was sprinkling when we arrived, but Jessica and Hunter got the coals going, and we unloaded the boats. The rain stopped. I rented a paddle board so the kids would have that and the kayaks to keep them busy.

Joy, Jasmine, Kayla





We took the jet ski out and pulled anyone on the tube who wanted to go. Hunter didn't have his little cousins and mom with him this time. We did have James (neighbor) who just turned 18 and leaves for the Marines September 16. Adam will still be there, but I don't know if they will ever be together. Adam will be counting down to graduation. Tyler leaves before James, so it's probably the last time these two will be with us for a while.



I am really going to miss having him around every day! He has minor anger control issues, but he's never been any trouble. I just have to tell him to knock off the yelling or go to his room to calm down.


Kayla roasting marshmallows for a smore.

Jessica grilling the hamburgers. We had hot dogs and sausages too.

The girls made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

And that was our Labor Day.


Tracy said...

Not a family of movie watchers here... so couldn't really address the Disney movie post! :) As for the case, it all sounds 100% criminal to me, so I don't even really care to discuss it. If I try to reason through it, it seem like we're trying to find some sort of reason to make the mother's actions "ok." In my personal opinion, they are 100% not ok, regardless of what the children's behavior was. You can not starve a child and let them outside to freeze. Period. I don't care if the child wet herself every hour. The punishments were extremely brutal and the parents should have realized death could result.

One Crowded House said...

I'm sorry your baby birds are leaving the next :(

Kathy C. said...

Tracy-I agree. I have dealt with all sorts of behaviors with my five adopted ones. But every child deserves three meals a day, a bed, a shower inside the house, school time (she had not been doing any school work for quite some time according the initial reports) and some chances for recreation and fun. That is the first to go when my kids have crappy behavior, but they still have some time to play even they have to do it in their rooms because they are being stinky. The isolation those kids experienced breaks my heart.

Tanya--It's going to be different, that is for sure. It's very quite without Adam. Tyler going is going to make it even more so, although he's quieter around the house and more to himself.