Friday, September 13, 2013

A Very Long Week

It's been a long week. This week has felt like at least two weeks. As most of you know, Tyler left for Job Corp on Tuesday. That afternoon Jasmine had drum lessons. Rick dropped her off, and I pick her up and took her to dance. I posted last time about Ty's calls and the challenges.

Wednesday was the IEP meeting I posted about. I took Jasmine to Hip Hop class later, and that was quite energetic, and the kids were worn out at the end. Tyler called again and he sounded more settled. He won't have Internet access so that's something he'll have to get used to. He missed talking to Rick so ask that he call the next evening. It's nice to know that he can call during his free time.

I have therapy on Wednesdays and Fridays for my bone spur and that has not been a lot of fun.

On Thursday Jasmine had after school marching band, and then the twins had open house. Kaleb did not go. He's had a really rough start to third grade. Rick talked to his teacher at open house, and Kaleb has not settled in well for her. It's disappointing because he did really well this summer. It seems like he has really regressed in his social skills and behaviors. I am trying to spend more time one on one with him. He understands that the behaviors have limited his activity options as I will be spending time going back over our routine and rules with him until he gets back in the groove. 

If you look on the clothes line over Kayla's head, you'll see her "face." She worked hard on it. However, besides doing this, the twins were supposed to write a story about how they got their names. I told them again about how they were probably named Frednise and Fredlin after their father Fredo. I told them again about how their mom had died, their dad only had a banana leaf house and no job. I reminded them that he'd taken them to the orphanage because he wanted them to have a better chance at life. I told them how I'd seen their pictures on the photo listing and gave them matching American names just like matching Haitian names that twins are given. (Who knew that they wouldn't be able to hear the difference between Kaleb and Kayla much of the time. We even have trouble telling which one someone is saying.) I reminded them that they could use either name. Then I had them write about their name in their own words.

I quickly realized they did not really get it. They mixed me up with their birth mother. They said I adopted them so they could have new names.

Here is Kaleb's, "My mom named me after a haitian name that is fredlin then she looked down the list she was going to name to something like kaelie but then she saw kaleb and named me  kaleb, cassel fredlin and that's my american name." HUH?

Kayla's- "My Haitian mom named me and my brother Frednise and Fredlin. My birth mom saw my picture of me and my brother and that's why she picked me. She wanted to give me and my brother a American name. But know (now) my name and my brother's name are Kayla Frednise and Kaleb Fredlin." A little closer except the birth mom confusion. But this is her second draft. I wish I still had the first one. It was very jumbled.
Update: Here is her original: My mom named me after my birthdad. She was going to call me Kalle. But she decided to name me after my birthdad. But now she calls me Kayla Cassel. And that's my American name. 

I've decided to make them a "My Adoption Story" book. I've been going through the early pictures and trying to tell their story. I wish there were early pictures with their parents. I can't find their intake picture either. I've never posted it, but someday they need to see it. They were pretty dirty. But they were not thin, they were butterballs. 

This is the behavior chart in Kayla's room. This year is confusing because for pre K through 2nd, green was good, yellow was okay and red was poor behavior. All the third grade teachers use this chart where red is the best. I have to remind myself that when Kayla tells me she was on red. That's "Outstanding" not poor behavior. Confusing. 

Kaleb had a dental check up today at 7:00 a.m., Kayla had soccer at 5:00 and Jasmine had a BBQ and movie night at her school. Jessica worked, and Ty and Adam aren't here. I need a sign in log or something. How long will it be before I don't go to Ty's room to tell him that supper's ready or tell everyone to make sure to leave him some food for when he gets home from work?

Last night Rick and I both talked to Tyler. He is signed up for welding. They had him come to KY, so I assumed that meant they were ready for him to do welding. It really meant there was an open bed. They are trying to get him to switch to plumbing. I don't think he'd care for it. They also have painting (rooms), urban forestry (cutting down trees--he was hoping it was real forestry) and brick laying. He will have to decide whether to insist on welding or pick something different. So far they haven't had him do any training, he's just settling in.

Tomorrow we may have a practice run in the morning, running the open run at the cross country meet. We're not sure if it is still taking place. Jasmine has been having knee problems, so she might not be able to run. It will be interesting to see how everyone does since they haven't ran competitively for quite a while.
Update: That was canceled so we are going to run in the park and I'm going to buy treats afterwards for those who come near to their best time.

So that's my very long week, and it's not over yet. I am so tired. 


One Crowded House said...

our elementary school has started doing that different colored behavior system- where they all start on green and they can move up or down- and yes the colors normally considered "bad" are not anymore- so I am always confused about it.

Kathy C. said...

And how did they come up with pink as the worst??

Renee said...

Whew! That is a lot. You are such a great mom!