Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Here

This has been a really not-so-exciting week. We've had a lot of drama with bees that are near our yard and no success in trying to find out who is responsible for getting rid of them. Rick was going to cut down all the extra brush that's not on our property where the bees are at, and let's just say that didn't go so well. It was a good idea, but the bees won.

The practice race the kids were going to do last Saturday was canceled so they ran three miles in the park to see how their times are after having not competed for quite a while. Without Adam and Tyler, Kaleb is our fastest. He came in at 28:56. He's the shortest, but he just starts and runs at that pace the whole way without stopping. That's how he has such a good time. The others run-walk-run-walk. Some walk more than others. There is an open race at the cross country meet Saturday, so we may do that. 

Jasmine was hit in the knee with a band chair a couple of weeks ago and the knot is still there so I'm taking her into the Dr this afternoon. She has not been able to run on it at all. It's only two weeks until the Plains Peanut run, so we need to get her up on it.

Sunday evening the African Children's Choir was at our church. It was quite different than what we are used to. 

The children are very energetic, and these boys can really drum.

We got pizza afterwards. Little Caesars' $5 sausage pizzas are our best friend at times.

This little guy has really grown. He is six months old now, and he is a ball of energy. I'm glad he's as small as he is or we'd be knocked over.
He's an armful now.

Basically this week was appointments and getting people into a routine. Jasmine has drum lessons followed by jazz class on Tuesday, Hip hop on Wednesdays and after school marching band on Thursdays (Unless there's a home game during the week. Then they don't have practice.)

Kayla has soccer practice on Tuesdays and Fridays. Games don't start until next month. We've talked about her and Kaleb doing jazz/tap, tumbling or gymnastics but things need to settle in more. I need to make sure there is still plenty of time for homework and for fun. I don't want every minute scheduled.

Tyler is doing well at Job Corp. He calls 2-3 times a week. He probably won't once he gets into training. He says it's like prison though. And that's probably because so many of the kids are there because they are drop outs, runways or court ordered there. It's good for him because he stands out above them. For once he's at the top for learning and achievements. Other than being yelled at like he's a prisoner, he likes it there. He's getting along well with the others.

We thought since they had a slot for him, that meant he'd be doing welding. They had an empty bed, but there are no slots in welding!! I don't understand why they'd have him come when there are no openings in the training program he wanted. He may do urban forestry though (cutting down trees). It's up to him what he wants to do. He's shadowing the classes this week to see what they do.

Adam graduates early October, and I will not be able to be there. I would need to take the children out of school, and one of them is doing very poorly so that's not an option. I think Rick and Jessica will probably go. I'm trying to see if I can swing a trip to Disney for Adam (and us) the next weekend because it's a four day weekend. There is a special four-day hopper pass for a very reduced price we may be able to get. (We'd use two days now and two days later.) Then he goes back for his job training. So we'll only have him home a few days.

My book releases in a couple of weeks. There have already been a couple of reviews of it from people Tyndale sent advanced copies to. I posted one of those HERE

So that's how life is here. Mostly routine. Some drama. Anyone have a week without drama?


Emily said...

If you do come to Orlando in October, let me know so we can meet up with you!

One Crowded House said...

It's been a mostly minimal drama week- which is nice for a change!

kayder1996 said...

Well the bee story sounds like an adventure.... EEK!

Katie Tripp said...

No drama at our house, just boring routine. Well, after the whole town went into a panic because the water tested positive for e-coli . . .but everyone here was fine. It was nice to have a relaxing week!

Kathy C. said...

Emily--it'll be the 11th - 13th. The kids will probably be at the parks the whole time. Although we are only going to use two day passes so there should be an empty evening. NOt sure yet. Adam set his flight for 6 a.m. out of an airport 2+ hours from our house!!

Tanya-Yay for little drama. We had so much drama over a science procedure paper. If you're on FB you already know that!

Kayla-the bees are still there. No one will take responsibility for them. I"m about ready to burn down all the shrub-but it's not on our property.

Katie-that would be scary!

Renee said...

We love the African Children's Choir!

They are so fun!

That is a great time for Kaleb ! It's great that he runs that way. It's so hard for little ones to learn that.

No drama here right now. Phew.