Saturday, September 7, 2013

That Didn't Take Long

I've shared on here the problem with Jasmine's schedule. She should be in resource starting the 6th grade math book and for science. But in order to be in advanced band, she has to be in 7th regular math and regular science. 

I got an e-mail today (although it says it was sent Friday noon!) from the resource teacher, who has been following Jasmine's progress, saying that 7th grade math is not working out. She is failing. Duh. She just does not get math. And they jumped her a full year. And took away resource. I'm not blaming them because this is what had to be done in order for her to be in band. But it's not working. 

We have an IEP meeting next Wednesday after school. At that time I'm going to ask them to be creative and look for some different ideas for her. Being a charter school, they don't offer several different sessions of each class.

Band is the one thing she loves. It's where she belongs. That was easy to see at the tailgate party yesterday.
I wasn't sure she was going to be able to stand up with this. But she did. It's a struggle!!
Trying to smile. Which weighs more--Jasmine or the drum with harness? She won't normally be marching with the bass drum. She'll have a snare, which is lighter but still quite a bit of weight for her.

But band is where she belongs.
Once inside she played xylophone.

Kayla had a good week so got to go with me to watch Jasmine.
It's a public school, but they still pray!

Heads bowed for prayer. I hope we don't ever lose that.


Sarah said...

Do you think they will end up just pulling Jasmine out of math and have her go to the resource room to work with an aid? Or possible independent study on a computer math program?

I have to say I love the shorter style hair cut that Kayla has!

Kathy C. said...

Sarah--I'm going to bring up any options I can think of without her losing band!! Maybe she could go to sixth grade intensive if that works in her schedule, but I'm not sure they can do that.

Kayla's hair is growing out very slowly from when she shaved it in May! She has done that about four times in three years and I'll ask her if she wants it short because we can just do that instead of her using someone's razor on it and she'll say no. No clue. Guess it's just impulse????

Lisa said...

Oh, I pray they can get it worked out for Jasmine! I also thought of independent study or working with an aide or online. Maybe there's a study hall or she can go to the computer lab or media center to work on it during her regular math time so they don't have to switch her schedule around and lose band. I hope they're willing to work with you and do whatever they can to make it work.

Kathy C. said...

I'm hoping Lisa!