Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Run

Sometimes the local cross country team allows anyone to run in the JV race. And today was one of those days. It costs $5 each and any age can run. This is good because the little guys can run, but not so good when really fast adults run the race and take the prizes away from the littler guys and the JV team. That's what happened today. But it's part of life.
This shows the size differences among the runners. Looks like Kaleb only comes to the guy's waist behind him!

The local ROTC presented the flags.

The adult in bright green socks ran the 5K in under 15:00. The tall guy in the first picture wasn't far behind. I think he was a cross country runner that graduated last year with Adam.

Kaleb at about the one-mile point.


About the half way point. 

You can see how muddy the trail is. That is nothing compared to what the woods they ran through looked like.

Joy running Kaleb in and pointing out the finish line.

Almost there. I blurred this one.

28:37 when he crossed

Joy running Kayla in.

34:15 or so crossing the line.

Kaleb was faster, but since there were more boys, he didn't place. There were considerably less girls so Kayla came in 4th in girls. They both ran well no matter how they placed.

Next week the kids run the Plains Peanut 5K in Plains GA. We'll drive up Friday after they get out of school. It's quite a ways. But how often do you get a trophy from a former president? This 5K will be by gender and age group, and most of the kids under 9 run the mile not the 5K so hopefully both twins will place. 


Allison Schumm said...


My name is Allison, I am a mom of 14. I've recently re-picked up blogging. I found your blog through Mama D at I'm looking to connect with other adoptive families as I know we can provide each other understanding, love and support that others cannot fully understand. If you ever need an ear or someone to pray for you please know that I am here.

Many Blessings,

Renee said...

WOW!! Great job!!!! They are amazing.

One Crowded House said...

that is awesome- way to go guys!

Kathy C. said...

Thanks! We won't talk about how long it would take me to do a 5K now! Kaleb just sets his pace and goes without breaking stride. It'll be great if he can keep that up.