Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Big Kids

It's been a while since I updated about the big kids, so this post is about them. I actually have more big kids than little kids now, so we are moving into a new stage in life. One where kids are leaving. Sniff.

Most of you know that right now Adam (18) is at Marine basic training at Parris Island, SC. I can't update much on him because we've only gotten one letter, and it was from when he first got there. We've written each week and included pictures of all we're doing, and we hope he's getting those. He will be home ten days in October before going on to tech school. Then he'll start college in January while being in the reserves.  
Last night home

Jeff (20) is still in Afghanistan. We don't hear from him. He bought a car, then left it with a friend and decided that he didn't have to pay for it or pay his credit card bills while he was gone. He is making good money being in a danger zone (which means extra pay and no tax deducted) and could easily pay all of it. But it goes along with his thinking that he is above the rules, this time about paying bills and that no one can touch him there. The bill collectors of course wanted us to pay, but that's not something we will do. If a child is in need or trouble, of course. I did tell them where he'd left his car. He had a chance to pay up then, but chose not to. However, he dropped us from facebook and blocked us with no explanation, so I imagine he is blaming us for his car get repossessed rather than blaming himself for not paying the payments. I think he has abandoned all pretense of following our values or the ones at Camp Tracy where he spent a few years. I'm sure he could use your prayers.

I would obviously post more pictures of Jeff and Adam if I had any.

Tyler (23) has come a long way since starting his job with Goodwill. He drives the cart for the crew as they go out and weedwack, pick up trash or fix signs. He really likes the crew and the work. He's good at it too. He takes a lot more initiative at home now too. There is an empty lot next to us and the trees, bushes etc are pushing our fence over. He borrowed the bush ax from work and is clearing the overgrowth away from the fence.

Job Corp is up and running again, and he's been told he'll be getting a report date soon. I'm hoping the date is up into October as his hours will drop to part time in October. I'm also not anxious for him to go. I don't mind his company. I know I'm going to miss him while he's gone. He'll be gone at least a year and will only be home for Christmas and summer break.

The overgrowth pushing our wooden fence over.

Tyler to the rescue.

As it turned out, only Tyler and Jessica went to the water park Friday! Jasmine and I were supposed to go. Tyler had a virus and was really sick Tuesday and Wednesday. He passed it to me. So he took my place Friday. Jasmine had a stomach ache. She seems to get them anytime something is planned so I am wondering if they are from anxiety. Although, it doesn't make sense since she's gotten them the last two times we've gone out to eat and has sat there in a restaurant not eating (after the buffets were paid for of course).
Kaleb acted out last week and lost the pool so didn't test out to go. He knew this at the time he was acting out and of course, as with all of our kids, he couldn't care less about the consequences while he was in the middle of it.
I think Tyler and Jessica were the best combination for the water park because they are the ones who go on all the rides over and over long after the rest of us are done.

Yes, that's Jessica in the front facing backwards.

Jessica (22 next week) just finished her three summer classes and passed. She has one year to go. Right now she has her basic, advanced and rescue diver certifications. She'll have her science diver certification when they finish her complicated physical. She's had to schedule three separate appointments so far and has one to go. The doctors just aren't familiar with all the testing that has to be done. I think cave diving is up next.

If you remember, she went to enlist in the navy reserves last year. She did all the paperwork and then was told they weren't taking females. Now, a year later, she got a text from the recruiter that they are. But with only one year until graduation, she is planning to wait and enlist as an officer in some branch of service next summer. I am not at all anxious for her to leave.

She is still in a relationship with Hunter, who is a wonderful guy who treats her great and is a good match for her--except that he doesn't belive in God. Jessica, of course, very much does. I would not have thought she would date someone who didn't, and she didn't think she ever would either. But with them having been friends for over a year before this and working together, it changed how she viewed it. Those of you who are praying Christians, pray that he finds the Lord. That God would be very real to him beyond the shadow of a doubt. Those of you who don't share our faith, just wish her well. Not sure what going into the military will do to the relationship, and that's a year off so time will tell. She is my daughter and I'll stand by her no matter what happens (as I would for any of my children). 

Not hers. She's just dreaming.
Ashley graduated cosmotology school and is working at a salon. Her children are getting ready to enter kindergarten and fourth grade.


Ashley with Griffin and Phoenix. Not sure about the goofy faces.

Griffin. He's a little smarty and more than ready for kindergarten.

Tyler helping Griffin with an early birthday present when we visited in June.

I'm afraid I don't know much about Bay Blades!

Ashley and me. She's all coordinated with purple in her make up, hair and clothes. And I'm...well, I'm there : ) This is my "I've been on the road for two weeks already" look.
Just missing Jessica and Jeff in this one. Jessica had summer classes so didn't go to Indiana this year.

So that's my update for now.

Would love to hear from those of you who have adult children. I realize that in the next year I'll probably be down to only the youngest three left although a couple will be coming and going.


One Crowded House said...

oh goodness- that will be an adjustment for you having just the 3 youngest at home!

Kathy C. said...

Things kind of start changing when they get a job and are no longer at every family event. That was enough adjustment for me. Now they are all making plans that will take them away. Thankfully a couple of them will be coming and going for a while. The biggest change will be if Jessica does go activity duty, she will be gone and not returning :(

Renee said...

The growing up years go by so very fast. You have a beautiful family.