Friday, August 16, 2013

Kayla's Journal

The kids wrote six journal entries this summer. Here is Kayla's newest one.

Highlights of the Summer
Kayla Cassel

     This whole summer was very amazing. But the three highlights of my summer were Carnival Victory, Key West and the bay. I had so much fun with these three things that I want to tell you about them.
     On Carnival Victory, the cruise ship that my family and I went on, I went down the water slide. At the end of the slide I landed in water. It felt like I landed in a little pool. I went to kids camp. I played Just Dance 2. Another day I played video games.
    Key West was a beautiful town. It is the most southern of the Florida Keys. I went to the wildlife preserve and fed the turtles and saw two iguanas. While there I ate a key lime pie. I went to the beach. I went in the water and ran on the sand. I got a shirt that had turtles on it. To see Key West I went on a tour bus with some of my family. I went to a park and went through some big rings.
     At the bay I played with the Millers and the neighbor boys. I went on the tube. Also, I swam in the water. And I went kayaking. I had so much fun.

     This summer was awesome.

Here are a few pictures to go with her journal entry.

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Anonymous said...

Kayla, it seems like you had an awesome summer! Very nice journal entries.

Valerie from NJ

Rebecca said...

Kayla, you are an incredible writer!!! I am a former 4th grade teacher, and most of my students did not write with as much detail as you do when they were entering the 4th grade! Some of them still did not write with that much detail when they graduated from 4th grade! Maybe you have a future in writing like your mom!

Rebecca from TX

One Crowded House said...

I believe you could be a writer too! That was a very thorough account of your summer! Way to go!

Kath said...

It sounds like you had an awesome summer Kayla! Is key lime pie one of your favourites?

(Logging in is throwing up errors for me for some reason, it's English Kath)

Kathy C. said...

Thank you for leaving these comments. Kayla read them all today.

Felicia said...

Kayla, looks like you had so many opportunities this summer to have a lot of fun. You did a great job journaling about them.