Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rapunzel & Quinceanera

Here are two videos from the play.

Friday night was the performance of Rapunzel. Kayla was an ogre, and Jasmine was Monique, Rapunzel's mother. In the real version, they are peasants and that's what they were in the play. I am used to Tangled where they are the king and queen.
Both Kayla and Jasmine did a good job.

Jasmine is in the gray shirt, purple skirt. The children's theater brings all the costumes with them, and I think this costume was for a bigger Monique.

She smiled most of the play. You could tell she was having fun with it. Jasmine felt a little more stressed.

Three happy ogres.

Madame Gothel with Rapunzel's parents.

Today is a friend's quinceanera (15th birthday celebration and there should be a squigly line over the "n"). Jessica and Jasmine were going to go, but Jessica wrote down the wrong day off on the work calendar and has to work a double today. So Tyler went with Jasmine.
Oh the drama of getting ready.

Jessica had been eyeing this dress in a store but wasn't sure she'd ever have a reason to wear it. She was watching to see when it was marked down. She was going to go get it then, but she never did. Then this week it was marked down to $9.99. It started at $110!! But there were only a size 0 and 2 left. I decided for $9.99 I'd get it and put it away for Jasmine. Ha! There is no putting it away. It's cut "tight" and the size two barely fits her. So we bought it Thursday night and she's wearing it today to the party. (Jasmine had a physical Friday and is 58 inches and 91 pounds so she's not very big).

I love this picture of her waiting. It has been pouring all day, and they were hoping for a little break in the rain. Didn't happen.

She's wearing a tiara because I'd just re cornrowed her hair and put in bright beads before we knew she was going to wear this dress. The party is semi formal, and she was just going to wear a purple church dress.

I pulled the braids and beads to the back so they wouldn't show from the front. They almost cover her scar.
And they're off. Ty decided not to wear the poncho, but then he went out and opened up the van, helped Jasmine in and shut the door for her, so I know he was soaked! 

Ty and Rick are off to some sci fi/fantasy thing in Pensacola tomorrow. The rest of us were going to go to a new beach after church, but it looks like it is going to rain all day tomorrow too.

Thank you to those of you who left comments for Kayla on the last post. She read them all today.

Two more days until school starts!

Update: Here are two pictures from the party.


One Crowded House said...

what a fun play!

Kathy C. said...

It was a great experience for them. I don't know how I missed that the youth center does one each summer! It's only a one week committment.