Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Day Out

On Tuesday, we decided to go to Destin Commons to shop for swim suits for Jessica. This is a ways for us, so we attempted to get an early start. The twins went with us. Jasmine wasn't feeling well, and Tyler was home from work with a 102F temperature, so Jasmine stayed home too. That was disappointing, but she didn't want to try to go. So only four of us went.
We don't have a Belks near us, and that's where we'd seen swimsuits Jessica liked on a previous trip. She picked out two, and she'll be getting them for her birthday in two weeks. So she didn't get to wear them for this beach trip.

We stopped at the candy store of course. The twins shared a carmel chocolate covered marshmallow stick. Jessica and I shared a piece of fudge.

Fries for snack.

Jessica paid the extra for cheese and bacon on the one we shared. Yum. We were nearby in Build a Bear when she decided that : )

They were trying to wash their faces in the fountains.

We saw they had a sublock machine and decided to try it out. It was $1 for 45 seconds, but it didn't spray well. It was a good idea though.

They shared a ride. (In case you haven't figured it out, we share everything to save money so we can do our exursions. But anyone can use his/her own allowance/work money for their own stuff if they want more) The twins want to save for a new Build a Bear. We didn't buy anything this time.

We planned to go to a beach in Destin, but they were all parked full and packed full. So we started down scenic 98/30A until we found a beach that wasn't over run with people.

My new fins. Unfortunately, my new snorkels leaks so has to go back and be exchanged.

There were live sand dollars about 12 feet down. Some people were taking them anyway, but we do not ever take anything that is still alive. So Jessica just took a picture, and then put it back.

We took the scenic route home and discovered lots of interesting looking small towns and beaches we plan to visit at a later date. The first day of school is coming too quickly though, so we may not get to explore everything we'd like to.

So, two good days in a row for the twins. And a fun day at the bay for Jasmine Monday even though she missed this trip. 

What's your favorite place for sun and water? I know not all of you live near an ocean. Seriously, I am spoiled by our white sand.

School starts the 20th here. What about you?


Sarah said...

It looks like you all are having a great time this summer! I like reading and following your excursions! This is a silly question, but I've noticed that Jessica buys swim suits quite often. Is this because of her diving? Does the salt water wear them out faster?

Katie Tripp said...

I am jealous of your white sand. I have only had one east coast beach experience, and it was a little creepy because the horseshoe crabs were mating. My family likes to go to the beach, but I don't actually like sand (it's pretty to look at, but it gets everywhere and drives me nuts). We live outside of Phoenix and we love to visit pools. We didn't want our own since my kids are still little, but maybe someday. My younger son will start preschool on the 12th, and my older son will start on the 19th. We are actually later than everyone else out here. I hope you can get to everything you want to for the summer!

Tracy said...

We found lots of sand dollars (may 100 or so) and starfish on our vacation too. We also never take anything still living but did find 4 sand dollars that were no long alive! :) Beach looks beautiful.

Renee said...

What a fun day! I just saw one of those sunscreen machines on the news the other day.

We love the beach and go as often as we can. We are so spoiled to live on the coast.

One Crowded House said...

The Outer Banks has been my favorite so far- but I'm not well traveled so I don't have a lot to choose from :)
It is gorgeous there!

Kathy C. said...

Sarah-Last time I showed the pictures of her in the swimsuit, she didn't buy it. I was hoping she would because it was cute and modest. All her suits are two years old or older. The chlorine in the pool does fade them fast. Not sure about salt water. I imagine it can have an effect on them.

Kathy C. said...

Tracy-No "dead" sand dollars this time. I think there were enough people hunting for them that they were already gone. I was sad to see people taking ones that were trying to crawl away!

Kathy C. said...

Renee/Tanya--You are both on the Atlantic, right? We were on the Gulf of Mexico this day. Not sure all of the differences.