Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Rapunzel

The youth center where the girls performed Rapunzel posted many pictures, so I am borrowing some since theirs are much better than mine. We couldn't use flash during the show itself, but they got lots of good ones without. I am in need of a new camera, so if anyone has one they love, please leave me a message. If you didn't see the Rapunzel videos, please go back a post.

Waiting to go on stage. The kids did a good job of sitting quietly behind the stage when it wasn't their turn.

The girls really liked the guy from the children's theater. He played Frenchy, the narrator. I suppose he plays it because it's a large part with lots of line and solos, and it would be too difficult for any child to do. He was a really nice guy. The girls were sad to learn that the same group doesn't come each summer, so he won't be back :(

Today is Jasmine's half birthday. She's 12 1/2. Coming up on 13 too soon!

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