Friday, August 9, 2013

Looks Like a Rerun

Most of the new pictures I have look like a rerun of earlier events because we are doing the same things over and over this summer now that all our trips and camps are over.

We went jet skiing again. 

We had one of the same families from last time, and also Hunter , his mom, and a couple of young relatives.

Jessica and Hunter.

Tyler and Jimmy, the pastor of a very small local church.

Josi, who was very brave to try this! She and I are the oldest parents of third graders! We are both in our 50's and most of the others are in their late 20's or 30's.

We took the dogs kayaking again in another county that allows dogs on the beach.

The dogs love the water.

We grilled. I was getting the smoke in my eyes.

Marshmallows. Of course after a while there a rainstorm moved in and we got soaked.

Tyler and Jessica have started going to a Thursday night drop in adult tumbling class. This is week 3.

Physical stuff has always come hard for Tyler, but he is enjoying this. The tumbling part at least. I'm not sure about the rings.

They can use the gymnastics equipment, too, if they want.

The kids go back to school on the 20th so we are trying to get everything done we wanted to do this summer.

Jasmine has decided to do dance again after taking a year off. We have to sign up for classes this afternoon. She's looking at hip hop and jazz, but we need to find out if there's a hip hop class for her age. It only shows the little kids and teens. Nothing for 6th-8th grade which is her group for dance.

Soccer sign up starts soon. We are going with a different program that is less expensive than our city one. I hope it's just as good though.

The kids might try out for a play next week. Try outs are Monday morning, then they work on the play until Friday, when they do the final performance. We are not sure about doing this and are just going to see what happens.

Jasmine has drum lessons next week, we have 7th grade orientation and sports physicals. And I hope to have one more beach day and a couple of pool days, but that depends on whether or not we do the play.

What do you still have to do before school starts? Any one already started?

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Emily said...

We went to Meet the Teacher for the elementary kids today and we're thrilled with their teachers! I need to get my middle schooler's supplies organized and make little first day gifts for the teachers. I'm SO ready for school to start, and so are the kids!

Kathy C. said...

You are a bit ahead of us. We go to Jasmine's school next Friday, and the twins school the following Monday. I am over $200 on supplies now so I hope there aren't a lot of individual teachers wanting extra things!

We will be ready when the time comes, but right now we're not quite there.

One Crowded House said...

We start school the 26th but the rest of summer is jam packed. Kaya and Alexis have had the driving part of drivers ed (one this week one next), we have volleyball, football, basketball, and then all of the meet the teacher and back to school (before school)... we did get all of the school supplies bought.

Kathy C. said...

T- I know your schedule will be crazy if they all decide to play basketball at the same time!

Katie Tripp said...

We have meet the teacher on Monday, but my son has the same teacher he had last year, so it will mostly just be stopping in to say hi. This weekend we are in Southern AZ for a karate tournament, I hope it goes well :) Both of my boys want to sign up for baseball as soon as we get back home. It should be fun, but crazy! That tumbling class looks like a lot of fun! We don't have any gyms near us that do anything like that.

Kathy C. said...

This is the only gym we know of that has this program. It's a good idea though. Someone who has never done it can give it a try or those who did it as a little tot can see what they remember. They can pretty much do whatever they want. There's a big trampoline with a belt to help them learn skills. One week they all decided to do free running.

Nadia said...

We go back sept 3 but we may still be traveling home that day and miss day 1 lol. We have been in South Carolina all summer and right now we're at myrtle beach. Next weekend we go to Florida and maybe the mountains in there somewhere too. Then we go to West Virginia for a huge antique sale and head home from that. 4000 Kms in 3 days. Not sure we can do it but we'll try!!

Kathy C. said...

You are a long way from home.