Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ordinary Daily Life

Now that school has begun, life has started to fall into a routine made up of school, after school jobs (vacuum, dishes etc), homework and so far we've been able to have some play time. We will probably lose that when the home work load picks up. Dance starts next week. Soccer should also.
This picture is very unusual. Max (yellow cat) is very timid. And he runs from the dogs. Especially Travis who is very hyper. Max was on the couch first, but he didn't get up and run under my bed like he usually does when the dogs are in. I really would prefer the pets not be on the couches but here they are.

Jayden looks things over from her perch.

I guess she likes heights.

Kayla has been doing really well. No aggressive behavior at school and as far as we know, she hasn't been in on the stealing Kaleb is doing. Yay for Kayla. This has given her more privileges, so she and Jasmine have been spending more time together doing things. They really enjoy playing Just Dance 4 together. I don't have pictures. I'm having a lot of camera issues so I don't have that many photos right now.

Jasmine is pretty stressed with school already. She should be in 6th grade resource math, but she is in 7th grade regular math. That' s a big jump and means she didn't learn whatever is in the 6th grade book. I think she'd finished 5th and had started 6th at the end of last year.  She is loving advanced band but I'm not love the list of all we have to buy! I thought we'd rent the band uniform, but we don't. We buy the tux pants, tux shirt, cummerbund, and bow tie. Also the school band jacket, band shoes and spirit shirt. They are going to have some used uniform pieces and jackets for sale at the first booster meeting so I'm hoping to get at least part of it for her.

Caspian has been a more willing playmate for Travis lately. He has even initiated the playtime a couple of times. Caspian is more laid back and passive whereas Travis is hyper and playful. So Caspian does not always appreciate him.

Jessica's first day of her senior year of college. We need find some cute leggings for under this. Not sure what color though, because black would be just too much black. The only other color in the dress is kind of a beige. What do you think?

I wrote this right before Jessica went into her senior year of high school, and here she is going into her senior year of college.

Dear Jessi Bear--

This week you are at band camp at a college hours from

 home, and I fear this is a taste of how life will be in just 14

short months from now when college life will be a reality.

The first moments I held you in the maternity ward, I didn't

 think I could possibly love you more, but time has proven

me wrong.

Lately the walk toward adulthood has turned into a sprint,

and I'm not sure I can keep up, but now and always I'll be

cheering from the sidelines.
I'm proud of all you are becoming. Sprint with Jesus, Jessi

Bear, because He has an awesome plan for your life.

Here's another cute outfit she likes that needs leggings of some sort under it. She likes these dresses that are longer in back and come up higher in front, but I think they really need cute leggings. Denim might work for this. Or some in the same color as the green in the dress.

Out the door all loaded down--dive gear, lunch, purse, towel, backpack loaded with books. She has one class on Tuesday and four on Thursday. None the other days. So Thursday she catches the 6:20 a.m. trolley, and someone picks her up at the college at 7:30 p.m. She has classes straight through. However, two overlap, so she may have to do the computer applications class online because the other is her diving class.

Jaden provided her own late night snack. Frog legs-raw and with the rest of the body attached!

The super powers battle it out.
There's more going on here, but with my camera problem I haven't been able to get photos. The girls room is done except for the wallpaper border, because the one we ordered was not bright colors like it was in the photo online. We haven't found anywhere here that has them in stock, and I don't want to take my chance on ordering online again.

Tyler is cleaning his room preparing to go to Job Corps soon. He will need to pack both summer and winter clothing since he won't be back until Christmas. We don't have a lot of cold weather clothing. He has jeans and long sleeve shirts but not a jack heavy enough for a KY winter, no snow boots or anything like that. As someone pointed out anonymously in the comment section a couple of posts back, there are some problems within Job Corps. Sometimes it's a dumping grounds for troubled kids. Sometimes there are drugs and other issues. Ty and I have talked about it, and he plans to go in open minded--and with eyes open. If it just doesn't work out, he can come home at anytime.

Near the end of summer we decided to watch through all the Disney movies in order. There are lots and lots of them that we've never heard of. It's been a challenge to get some of them. We are still in the 1940's. We've watched:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Pinocchio (very long wait on netflix and we ended up buying a VHS for 75 cents)
The Reluctant Dragon
Saludos Amigos
Victory Through Air Power
The Three Caballeros

That takes us through 1944.

Anyone else watch any of these early ones?

If you didn't read my last post about what to tell your daughters, take time to read it and tell me what to add and what you've talked about with your daughters.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend (in the USA).


One Crowded House said...

Yay for Kayla!!!!

The band uniform situation is a stinky one. That sounds like lots of $!

Kathy C. said...

Hopefully they'll have some used pieces! I know you're facing the same thing with sports.