Tuesday, August 27, 2013

State Road 30a

There's a little road that runs along the beaches on the Florida panhandle. It has a lot of small towns that we've seen on our travels and thought we'd go back to. We did that Sunday after church. Jessica and I worked in the nursery so we got a little later start than we'd wanted to.

Tyler, Jessica, Kayla and I went. Kaleb has really spiraled downhill in the last two weeks, so he stayed home. Jasmine was planning to go but just didn't feel up to it. She had "stomach issues." I was disappointed, but we went on as planned.

Here are some photos we took.

We did a lot of looking but no buying because the prices were crazy high. The hat Jessica was trying on was $79!

That dinky bowl of ice cream was $5.75. Yes, we did share it four ways!!
We weren't hungry, just trying it because it's Italian Gelato and we wanted to know if it tasted different than ice cream. It didn't to us.

We walked down to one of the beaches, but it was already after four so we just took a walk down the shore line.

Then we decided to try some of the food. It is very pricey. Ty went to the BBQ place, Jessica went to get a  pizza and I went to get tacos.

My order number.

This was $50 worth of food. And none of us were very impressed with it. I hoped since it cost so much, it was going to be amazing. It wasn't. : (   For the price of that dinky pizza, we could have bought four large Little Caesar's hot and ready pizzas!

Okay, so Kayla loved it. But she's more of an eater than we are. 
It was an interesting day, but due to prices, we probably won't explore more of the shops. We did pass a lot of little state parks, though, and we plan to visit those. There is a nice bike path than runs through the towns and connects them. Bike rental is $30-40 a bike per day, though, so we need to be able to bring our own. We have a rack that holds a couple, and we might be able to tie a couple to the SUV roof rack, but it would be hard to bring them if everyone came on the trip.

So that's what we did Sunday.

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One Crowded House said...

the beaches there are just gorgeous!

Kathy C. said...

I love the Emerald Coast beaches--but it's making me a bit of a beach snob :) Love the white sand.