Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Weekend

This is some of what we did this weekend. Sometimes there was more than one activity at a time so I have pictures of whatever group I was with.
Tyler, Jasmine and I went to a local tree lighting. It was okay, but not that great.

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Jasmine: An A in math and on my history fair project.
Santa: Then you'd better study hard.

We went to DQ after the tree lighting. We had a buy one get one free Blizzard coupon, so Tyler got  banana cream, and Jasmine got candy cane. It had chocolate in it too. Yum! (However I am lactose intolerant so I had only a bite of each.)

You never know what you might find at DQ.

We assembled the tree Saturday morning. Jessica is in charge of assembling the tree because she can get the right sized branches in the right spot.

Tyler puts up the lights around the roof each year.

Ready to leave for The Russian ballet performance of The Nutcracker.

Waiting for the show to start.

Adam had a soccer game. He met us at Moe's afterward because it's his 17th adoption anniversary. So we ate supper at Moe's instead of just getting chips with the Nutcracker group as planned. Unfortunately it was his only afternoon game, and I would have loved to have taken pictures since it's too dark at the night games, but this is the only day for Nutcracker and I bought the tickets long ago.


Something big with beef

Kid's meal-chicken quesadillas (I had the same in the adult combo--I couldn't pass for 12 or  under) Kayla worked really hard this week to have the privilege of going to the ballet and out to eat.

Jasmine only likes the rice there so I got it as my side  in a comb and she had that.


17 years ago-Adam waiting patiently for his court hearing. There was a trial that ran way over so we waited about two hours until they called a break and did our adoption.

Advent calendars are up. Jessica made this one for Kaleb and ones for Kayla and Jasmine based on  ones my mom made the older four kids years ago. I had her make them for the older four because I didn't like the cheap paper ones they sell each year and the cloth ones you could buy were outrageously expensive.

Adam getting ready for soccer earlier in the day.

He'll be 18 next month!

Jeff's departure to Afghanistan was delayed until Monday morning. He is anxious to get going.

We still need to put candy canes on the tree. Jessica has final projects and test this coming week and then her semester is over. Jasmine has her band concert Tuesday night. Then the church program is next Saturday and Sunday. We have various medical and dental appointments this week and next too.
What's up next for you?


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that Adam will be 18 next month! He has really transformed in a nice young man in the several years that I've been reading this blog.


Kathy C. said...

I am so thrilled over the changes the past 3-4 years. We've always known he could do it and we'd tell him when he figures it out, he's going to be amazing. He's getting there. He is still a typical guy though : )

Anonymous said...

Wow congradulations Adam!! Oh and that's awesome that you play soccer... I played soccer for a year and I loved it:) how do you feel about Bing 18??
From Rachel Reed

Kathy C. said...

Hi Rachel. I won't be 18 until January 12. My mom showed me your picture on your mom's blog. Happy birthday early.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
Oh okay I thought you already turned bad:) and thank you.