Thursday, December 20, 2012

Basketball, Cowboys and Shakes

Jasmine had her second game. It was crazy intense. Her coach got a technical foul for  loudly disagreeing with a call. The refs were doing their best to call fairly for each team.

We played a fairly rough, competitive inter city team.

Loving the new blender. Made strawberry shakes.

No Tyler, the blender is NOT your personal cup.

There's a Salvage Santa here who takes used toys and bike and fixes them up, then distributes them to the needy. We had two large black trash bags full of board games in good condition, toys and like new stuffed animals.

We also sent two girls' bikes and a trike.

Jasmine had a western Christmas party at church. Back forever ago,  we were living in SD and when my mom visited, we went to a western breakfast.  My mom made this kind of shirt for me, Rick, Ashley, Tyler and Jessica. This is my mom's full outfit that Jasmine is wearing.
 Here were are. Aren't Tyler and Jessica little?

Here's my mom wearing the same outfit Jasmine is wearing.

Pumpkin pudding with whipped cream.

Jasmine with friends at the youth group party.

Jasmine with her youth leader. We love him.

Adam getting ready for his work Christmas party. He wore a red South Pole thermal shirt over this.

Jasmine had her annual orthopedic appointment in Pensacola Thursday, so she had to be out the door early.

This is Jasmine's right foot and an x-ray of it taken today. The white band on the big toe is arthritis.

The scar by the joined little toe is where the surgeon moved those toes over from the side of her foot.

The first two surgeons were just going to cut them off, saying she would be able to walk without them.

Really? Is that what you'd do if it was YOUR daughter? (My question to them.) I got labeled as hard to deal with due to my "stubbornness is accepting care for my foster child." Really? Because I didn't want them to just hack off the toes without trying to move them?

Well, I'm thankful that the second doctor at the second hospital (children's hospital in Augusta, GA) was willing not only to work with me but to try and move the toes. And he succeeded.

I think I'm going to show this photo to each future coach she has just so we don't have the problem we had with the basketball coach not believing her when she said she had pain in her foot. We did not get an answer about why she has ankle pain when she runs. They did a full length x-ray and her left leg is 1.69 cm shorter than the right.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before vacation!!! Yay. There are activities downtown in the "historic section" tomorrow night, and I hope at least some of the kids will be going. If it pours rain like it did today, no one will be going! In that case, we'll make popcorn and watch Christmas movies. We've only had time to watch two short ones so far. What movies have you watched this week?


One Crowded House said...

I agree- showing the picture to coaches would definitely be a good idea.

She's an amazing girl!

Sarah said...

I have arthritis issues as well (which are pretty much controlled) but I do have pain in my ankles. They are sore, they hurt, inside the joint hurts, and they just ache. I'm sure if it is the same type of pain Jasmine is experiencing or not. At the height of my pain I could walk, maybe 5 minutes, before the pain was too bad that I couldn't flex my feet anymore.

Like Jasmine, nothing showed up in any of the xrays. The docs felt for sure it was arthritis but there was no inflammation there and again, nothing showed up on the xrays. I treated it awhile with acupuncture and it got a little better. But I still wasn't satisfied.

I started doing yoga one day (in attempt to loose some weight). I did about 10 to 30 min a day (6 days week), and I noticed that as each day went past my ankle pain slowly got better and better. Since most of the moves stretch the leg and muscles around the ankles, I'm guessing the pain I was experiencing was just from tight muscles and then my joint didn't have enough room to work properly. I have no science to back this up; however, now I'm able to walk a couple miles with no pain (I've been doing yoga about six months now).

Just thought I'd share my experience!

Kathy C. said...

Tanya--Before the feet haven't really mattered as far as sports, but I guess they are now. She has soccer try outs in a couple of weeks but I probably won't talk to the coach unless she makes it. There are about 30 girls trying out for 3 or so spots! Bummer.

Sarah--thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad that worked for you. Jasmine might benefit from something like that since we don't really know what's causing it.

Anonymous said...

Your family is always doing something different in every post that's really cool. Jasmine is a beautiful girl she always puts a smile on my face every time I see her picture. The strawberry shakes looks yummy. I have to ask does the pumpkin pudding with whip cream taste good?. I have never heard of pumpkin pudding. But Adam sure makes the pumpkin pudding look good in the picture.... Hahaha:):).

Kathy C. said...

We made the pumpkin pudding from a box of jello brand pudding. There's a recipe on the box where you add cool whip and that's better but I always forget to buy it.

Adam likes it a lot but his favorite is anything with peanut butter.

Anonymous said...

Oh got yeah that very cool:) I didn't know that...awesome