Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jasmine's Concert and more

There's been a lot going on lately here and I'm sure at your homes too.
One evening we took time out to make homemade strawberry shakes. I didn't really drink the whole glass I'm holding. Since I'm lactose intolerant, that would not have been a great idea. 

The kids who were available at the time hung candy canes on the tree.

Jessica and I chose a tag off the Christmas tree at the mall that is sponsored by the Salvation Army.   Many of them wanted an iPod touch, 3DS and other things like that. We chose a baby whose wish list was clothes and toys that had lights and music. That was fun to shop for.

My first presents of the year came from Tyndale Publishing House who published The One Year  Devotions for Girls Starring Women of the Bible. I love working with them. I don't have any books in process right now because they are full, but perhaps in another year or two. I have one coming out in July for both boys and girls featuring Bible trivia.

Jasmine had her concert last night. She played the xylophone and chimes.

She, along with about four others, belong in intermediate band but had to  join beginner band again due to scheduling conflicts. I guess that gives her a second year to fine tune her basic skills. Last year she played mostly snare. This year she on bells, chimes and xylophone.

After the concert, Jasmine, Tyler and I went  to a Mongolian Grill. (The others, minus Jessica who was working, went for pizza). At the grill, you got your bowl and filled it with your choice of meats and vegetables. Someone had given me a tip ahead to load the vegetables first and then put the meat on top to hold them down. It was good advice. There was only one other lady there at the same time and she was putting vegetables on top of meat and they were all falling off.
Jasmine and I shared a bowl. Ours was totally different than Tyler's. We stuck with pea pods,  pineapple, broccoli, water chestnuts and carrots for vegetables. Then we added pork, chicken, steak, ham and sausage. Ty had peppers, jalapenos, some kind of really hot pepper that made the jalapenos seem mild and he added white fish, crab and shrimp as well as pork and beef.

Seriously, I could have piled this a lot higher but I felt kind of greedy. The chef said I did a great job of stacking and should have piled it higher.

After you chose your meats and vegetables (and all kinds of seasonings that we didn't use), you choose from about 15 kinds of sauces. That's what the little silver bowl is for. There was everything from BBQ sauce to Soy Sauce to some really hot sauces. Jasmine and I got Stir fry sauce, and Tyler chose Dragon sauce.

Then you take it to the grill. You choose between several kinds of rice or noodles which are added at that time.

The chef was kind of bored because we were about the only ones there at 9:00, so he created a grease fire for us and demonstrated what happens when you add water to a grease fire.

It was a great experience. I'm thinking about taking Adam and a group of friends there for his birthday but would have to limit it to about 8 friends. We had a good coupons of two drinks, two bowls for $20, plus Jasmine and I shared, so we got off pretty easy. The waitress gave her a free drink. But you can only use one coupon per group so it would be about $13 a person including drink without. Still, I think it would be a lot more memorable party for him than just pizza.

Adam is at an out of town soccer game today and won't be home until 11:00 p.m. or so. Tomorrow evening is Jasmine's first basketball game and at the same time, the parents' meeting for Kayla's team. Rick will have to be at that because he's a coach. 

On Friday the second grade classes are going to the zoo. Unfortunately, due to really poor and unacceptable behavior from Kaleb, his teacher is not allowing him to go. I agree and I am not intervening. The decision was not made lightly and I believe he is the only one being left behind so perhaps this is what will get his attention. Tyler and Jessica are going to meet Kayla's class at the zoo. She had been doing really well at school. Sometimes she starts to get an attitude when she's corrected, but she has been able to catch herself (with a little help) and fix the situation before it becomes a problem. We are proud of her improvement. And she likes the extra privileges she gets when I don't have to constantly redirect or supervise her.

The army band plays at the civic center Friday night. I have tickets for all eight of us, but am not sure that it's going to work out with everyone's schedules. I'm hoping.

Jessica and Jasmine have two performances of the church program this coming weekend. Then there are a lot of appointments and activities the following week. We are all ready for vacation!!!!

I haven't posted any videos for a long time so I'm going to see if I can post a couple.

You can hear Jasmine on the xylophone. She does a great job on her part. She doesn't have straight melody, so you'll hear some harmony in these videos.

Listen for Jasmine about 1:50 when the others are singing. She's on xylophone.


Anonymous said...

You are a great mom. I really love how you celebrate events and accomplishments,big and small,with your kids. Great memories for them. Melissa

Kathy C. said...

Thank you Melissa.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you and Jessica very nice..... And the Christmas tree looks beautiful:)
From Rachel

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Jasmine:)

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. We have a lot of fun together.