Friday, December 14, 2012

Basketball and the Zoo

Such a busy week this week and next! Here are more photos of activities taking place here.

Jessica is in the Christmas spirit. I think she's just glad to have this semester over with. FSU has proven to be much more demanding than our community college. She's now a certified advanced diver. She continues on with scuba and more criminology and such starting January 7.

Yep, that's a look of relief.

The guys moved out the old fridge. Ty located a used one for $100 on Craig's list and made contact and got the dimension. It took more people to get the new one in than the old one out. The "new" one is actually pretty old, not so great to look and stinks horribly of dead fish and meat. BUT, it keeps food cold. The ice and water don't work but we'll survive. We have a sink and ice cube trays. The ice part hadn't worked in ours in a few years anyway.

Jasmine had her first basketball game last night. It's a city league, but you'd think it was college from the way her coach treats them. No babying them, that's for sure.

Jasmine really caught on to guarding her man. She can use those hips!

Many of you know that Jasmine has orthopedic challenges with her feet and hands. Her right foot has arthritis in it. She's been having a lot of trouble with her ankles lately. She started having problems near the end of the game, so the coach had her stay at our end of the court instead of going full court. For the last few minutes he had the team feed her the ball. Unfortunately, she was pretty far back from the basket for her to make it. She missed the first ones, then made a basket. She shot twice after that and they both hit the rim and rolled off! Phooey, they could have just as easily went in! Oh well. She was thrilled with her basket, and so were we. The coach kept telling her to move up but either she didn't hear him or didn't want to get into the mob under the basket.

The video is only 1:06 long so please take time to watch it.
At DQ after the game. Had to celebrate the basket. We had a buy one, get one free coupon for  sundaes and the three of us shared on chicken strips basket. The kids never complain about sharing when we go out for treats because they know that means we can go more often. We spent less than $10 including the 6 strip chicken basket.

Jessica was a bit hyper and kept bursting into laughter. There was a guy not far from us whose son was having a crying fit, so I don't think he appreciated our joyful spirits : ) Seriously, if one of mine started a crying fit at DQ we'd be leaving in a hurry, probably without treats. The boy was not making it a pleasant experience for anyone in the building.

Kayla was raking but didn't empty the wagon, and now Kiara has decided this is her outdoor bed.  So we've left the pine needles for her.

Today the second grade classes went to the zoo. I don't think they all went because Kaleb's teacher left him at  the school with another class and a folder full of work to do due to his behaviors the last couple of weeks at school. So perhaps half went today and half are going next week.

Tyler and Jessica met Kayla at the zoo. 

It was pretty cool out today.
It's sad that while this group of kids were having fun at the zoo, the shooting was taking place at the school in CT. My heart goes out to those parents who never realized when they sent their children to school in the morning that they wouldn't be coming home. Hug your kids a little longer tonight.

Time to get the twins from the bus and then get everything done before going to hear the Army Band tonight at the civic center. I think all but one of us are able to go tonight, but I have to pick Jessica up from work on the way. Ty and Jessica had to leave a little early from the zoo to drop her at work. Thankfully she doesn't close like she usually does. By time the popcorn machine is cleaned and everything shut down, it's anywhere from 10:30-11:30 depending on when the last movie starts.

Love my kids. I'm anxious for Christmas vacation to begin. Be sure to go back and leave your movie suggestions on my Christmas movie post.


One Crowded House said...

Jessica is doing awesome! You must be very proud.

Kathy C. said...

Jasmine and Jessica. Yes. I would be so lost without them. Jessica does so much of the driving and errands for me and Jasmine provides the music in my life.