Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just Hanging Out

We've just been hanging out a lot this vacation. We don't have anything big planned due to schedules and finances.
Jessica sometimes brings home a huge bag of popcorn left over from the theater. She added marshmallows and karo  syrup to make some ymmy popcorn balls.

Jasmine has been really faithful in her drum practice.

Some of us took Jessica to work today and stayed for  Hotel Transylvania.

Ice cream from Chick Fil A. We had three free coupons.

Ready for the movie.

Just to keep our brains alive, we've had a daily challenge each day of vacation. Here's what we've done:

Addition time test

Subtraction time test

Multiplication time test

Division time test

Presidents—any order

States—any order

State capitols—easy

State capitols—type in answers

Find the countries

If you try any of these, let me know how you do. And if you have kids, challenge them to try these.

It has been fairly calm this vacation, but we do have one trying very hard to sabotage things, but thankfully no one else had gone along with it or given her attention for it. So basically, she's just ruining it for herself. She knows how to fix it but has a strong will and a need to be in control. There are some areas she can be in charge of, but some that she doesn't get to control. Since she was mad at me yesterday because she had to do her job, she decided to make five big cuts down the back of her nice jacket. She also just stood and refused to do the job. So she missed out on the fun, and still has to do the job.

Beyond that, everyone is getting along well and different groups of siblings are teaming up for games, Wii, playing and working on Jasmine's big history fair project that's due a week after they go back to school. It's really nice to see them pull together. And I'm really glad Jessica knows how to put together a power point presentation!

We haven't watched many movies like we thought we would because the kids have been doing so well playing Just Dance Disney and other games.

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