Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Night

While we were waiting for Jessica to get home, we took a bunch of pictures. I won't post them all or you'll be in photo overload. Everyone changed into clothes they'd gotten Christmas morning.


Jessica's home!

Shared gifts from Grandma Sims. We open hers Christmas might so there's always one present left to look forward to. Hers is usually games for all ages.

Had to Facebook of course.

Just Dance Disney. We have some videos I'll try to post.

Here are some very short videos of our time at Genghis Grill too. Here's my food cooking:


Anonymous said...

I like all of the pictures but my favorite ones are the family picture with the animals in it, and the the 2nd one very cute:)

Kathy C. said...

Jessica was trying to set the timer on the camera and then get Kiara (biggest dog) on her lap before the picture took!