Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At Work and Play

Tyler and Jordan, a neighbor "kid" who will be 23 on Dec 29 ,  jog every morning and then some mornings play Wii afterward. Jordan heads back to Bible college near the end of January, so we'll miss him around here. His hair is long (pony tail if you can see it) because he's growing it out to donate.

Jasmine went to her first middle school dance last Friday.  I'm a bit biased, but I think she's so pretty--and so modest. Unfortunately she was also very hot in that jacket.

It was still modest even without the jacket. A little big, but it'll still fit her next year. It was Jessica's from when she was a year or so older than Jasmine.

Last week was the week for everything to break down.  The piece above is from the fridge. I pay a fortune to replace it and the fridge went out again the next day. There was SO much dust in the back of the fridge. We vacuumed out a bagful!

The thermostat went out the same day. This is the new one.  Can you believe it's December and the house temp is 74F? The 71F in the corner is what the heat was set one. Needless to say, we didn't need the heat on.

Then there was the night the grilled cheese burned. I would think it was just me--the one above is from the batch of four I had on the griddle. But if you look below, Adam came home an hour later and burned his too!

That is Jessica on the left in the black and blue wet suit Uncle  Ken (my brother) financed. He also got her gloves, but they don't show in the picture. This is her with two classmates after a dive.

Jeff leaves for Afghanistan on Saturday. He briefly stops in Germany and then stops in Israel for a few days on the way.

We are starting to get into the busyness of the season. A few of us are going to the Russian Ballet performance of The Nutcracker on Saturday. We're not sure who is going yet. Jessica was supposed to go but has to work. One of the twins is displaying such out of control behavior that he may be staying home too. Adam has a soccer game. So I guess whoever is here and ready will use the tickets.

Jasmine's band concert is Tuesday. Jessica works and Adam has soccer. Jessica and Jasmine will be in the church program which they'll perform twice the following weekend. There are also school parties and special church services along with counseling, medical and dental appointments.

Jasmine has had three basketball practices a week the last two weeks! This is just a recreational program. This coach means business! We just realized she may not be able to try out for the school soccer team because the seasons may overlap.

Our tree, nativities and lights are not up yet. We hope to do that Saturday morning. How about you?


One Crowded House said...

Jasmine looked lovely for her dance.

We have band and chorus concerts the next couple of weeks, basketball games, more doctor dentist and therapist appointments...

luckily we decorated a week ago- otherwise it may not have gotten done!

I either burn the grilled cheese or make it too soggy- I have trouble getting it perfect.

Kathy C. said...

Thank you for your comment about Jasmine. I'm glad the charter school has a dance dress code--although it said straps had to be 2" and I saw plenty of spaghetti straps.

It seems like the grilled cheese takes so long so I either turn them up higher and burn tehm or decide to go check facebook and forget about them!

Rose Anne said...

With the kids play starting tomorrow night and not getting over until Sunday we have not gotten our tree up either!So we will probably be working on that this weekend also or maybe next week it depends!

Kathy C. said...

What play?

Jessica is our tree person so we have to do it Saturday morning or I don't know when it'll get done!