Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Movies

I'm loading my Netflix list with Christmas movies, and we own some. There is everything from old classics to the new doggy movies on the kid's wish list of movies to watch. We probably won't make it through the list. Thankfully several of them are on Netflix instant play so we won't have to wait for them after we return others. Here are some of the ones on the list:
We've watched this a lot! We've decided to make home made butter beer (think Harry Potter) instead of hot chocolate for the hot chocolate scene.

Frosty, Rudolph etc

Has anyone seen this one?
I never thought of this as a Christmas movie before, although it's one of my favorite movies. But I've seen in on people's list of favorite Christmas movies, and it does take place at Christmas.

Same with this one. Never actually thought of it as a Christmas movie. But I guess it is.

What's your favorite Christmas movie? What is missing from my list? And we've already watched Bells of St. Marys because I thought it was a Christmas movie. Isn't everything with Bing Crosby Christmas?


Sarah said...

I like 'A Christmas Story', and my other favorite is 'I'll be Home for Christmas' with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It came out in 1998.

Kathy C. said...

Which Christmas Story?

Oh, I just realized I left off Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Anonymous said...

'A Christmas Story', where the kid gets his tongue stuck onto a pole.

Emily said...

Hi Kathy, I got your comments on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I got to meet Felicia in person in August when she came down to Florida. I love bloggy friends!

megan said...

I can't believe you don't have A Christmas Story on your list! "You're shoot your eye out!" I also liek Christmas with the Kranks and While You Were Sleeping, You got Mail really isn't a Christmas movie but that's the movie I always watched when I was up late at night wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. I also like Family Man.

Kathy C. said...

I watched Christmas with the Kranks once, I think--isn't that where they decide not to celebrate because the daughter isn't planning to come home?

I don't think I know which one A Christmas Story is.

Some of these kinds would have to be watched after the twins were in bed.

megan said...

You have to see A Christmas Story. It's a classic. It's set in the 30' or 40's not sure which, and it's all about a boy who wants a red ryder bb gun for Christmas and everyone tells him you'll shoot your eye out. It also has the famous leg lamp in it. It's a great family movie.

Tavora said...

Two of my favorite Christmas movies (which aren't on your list) are One Magic Christmas and Prancer. They are both from the 80s, and I have watched them every Christmas since I was a little kid.

Kathy C. said...

I'm not familiar with them. I'll check them out.