Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have taken about 400 pictures so far but am just posting a few.

Rented a $3 wagon. A great investment!!

My crew plus my mom, sister and her husband.

Me with the crew

My mom and sister. Mom borrowed Jessica's hat because of the sun.

My brave one did the pony ride.

My sister and her husband

Brushing the goats.

My mom with the three littles.

There was an awesome playground outside the zoo.

I'm really behind on pictures because we've done something every day, but I will eventually catch up!


Christine said...

What a huge blessing to be able to make these memories with your kids. There with you in thought Kathy. Have a great time with your family.

BIG DOG said...

Looks like fun.
Wish I was there!

Karen said...

Wonderful to enjoy that with family. Loved seeing those pics!